Are Cruise Holidays Safe For Kids?


That time of year is coming: out of the bleak post-Christmas period and into Spring. As always, we find ourselves dreaming of our summer holidays and itching to book somewhere far flung and exotic to sun ourselves for a fortnight during the Summer break when the kids are finally off school, for six glorious weeks.

The wonderful thing about planning for the summer break is planning time to spend with the family. After all, the kids are at school all year round, and that much sought after ‘family time’ is always well deserved. Holidays provide us with that perfect opportunity to spend with the kids.

Of course, there are big decisions to make when booking a holiday that is suitable for all the family particularly, if your family has is multigenerational. From teenagers to toddlers, your family break needs to entertain all, as well as giving you a well-deserved rest from the rat-race that is the rest of the year.

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Cruise holidays are possibly the best solution to the family dilemma of keeping everyone happy, although many people have concerns about safety issues on board a cruise ship, particularly for small children. However, if you are seriously considering a cruise holiday, the safety elements should not put you off from booking.

Cruise holidays are the perfect way to relax, for adults. Children see cruise holidays as something very different: a holiday on a boat seems like the definitive adventure. Many holidays simply do not offer the level of freedom and excitement that a cruise does. That aside, the educational experience that children can gain from visiting many different countries, experiencing other cultures and tasting (as well as savouring) foreign cuisine is something that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Likewise, on board a cruise ship, the entertainment options are so vast that the likelihood is that you and your family will never want to come home. Of course, the ‘I never want this holiday to end’ holidays are the best ones of all.

The adventure element of the cruise holiday is something that children find the most appealing. With this in mind, children do have a tendency to want to explore the entire trip. As the cruise ships themselves tend be vast labyrinths, make sure that your child is under adult supervision before they wander off on their own mini exploration voyage. On board baby-sitters, will supervise your children for a small fee. This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to relax, read a book or catch up on some much needed rest!

The issues of safety on board a cruise ship can deter parents from wanting to experience this type of holiday with their children. Naturally, you want your child to be safe and the thought of holidaying on the seas can be daunting. Do not despair; cruise ships have high railings that are tall enough to stop adults from falling over-board, let alone your own precious cargo. Passenger safety is of paramount importance to all holiday providers, so being on board a ship may possibly be safer for your family than staying in a hotel. Cruise 1st offer a wide range of family friendly cruises, for all the family to enjoy. However, if you do have safety concerns, many cruise holidays offer a safety briefing at the beginning of your holiday. This outlines all the necessary safety precautions you should take when on board your holiday vessel.

As with any holiday you may take, whether it be a camping trip, a jaunt abroad in a hotel or a cruise, you would not leave your kids unattended or in the hands of strangers. To ensure your child’s maximum safety, never leave them alone to play by the railings of the ship or to play in the pool alone. Do bear in mind that many cruise ships, and holiday providers, are aware of parents fears when taking kids on a cruise holiday as so provide what they refer to as ‘child friendly’ swimming pools. This includes all the necessary safety features (as well as the watchful eye of the parent) that are adapted into all swimming pools.  With those simple guidelines, a trip on board a cruise ship will be much the same as any other family holiday.

Do be aware (should you want to take advantage) that many family-friendly cruise ships offer a kids club package offering a wide range of fun children’s activities. These include activities such as face painting, team challenges, sports events, arts and crafts and kiddie discos. The list is endless and it is highly unlikely you will hear your kids say the thing that parents dread to hear: “I’m bored”.  For the ultimate peace of mind, the kid’s entertainers on board cruise ships have all the necessary child care qualifications to ensure the maximum safety of your little ones.

Many people have concerns regarding being struck down with illness on board a cruise liner, and not being able to be treated if necessary. Although we hope that you never have to use the medical facilities, cruise liners usually have on board an infirmary with a qualified doctor and nurse on hand to treat those medical emergencies.

Upon land, once you have lost your sea legs, provides a great opportunity to learn and explore. Family-friendly cruises will often provide excursions that are suitable for parents and little ones. The time ashore will be ultimately stress-free, providing the perfect chance to make ever-lasting memories. Some excursions can include trips to the beach, water parks, adventure trips and family city tours. If you are concerned about the safety of the countries that your cruise ship is travelling to, you can always do your research beforehand to find family-safe areas or particular areas to avoid with small children.

As with any holiday, your child’s safety is of paramount importance. Regardless of the type of holiday you choose, adult supervision and the supervision of a parent will ensure that  child remains safe, that your holiday will be a happy one and that you make ever-lasting memories that your kids will talk about for many years to come.

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