Tips For Writing a Memorable Personal Essay


As humans, we all have a story to share. How we convey the story is what will determine if it’s going to impact to the intended audience. One of the biggest challenges will be getting the story out in a concise manner so that there is no misunderstanding. If you think about it, we’re always telling stories, whether orally or in the written form. Sometimes your message might not be understood because of the way it is being conveyed. Before you can begin writing, you need to fully understand what a personal essay is. We are going to highlight some of the tips that will come in handy when writing a personal essay.

Understanding a Personal Essay

There is no set definition to describe a personal terms. In simple terms, a personal essay can be described as a work of nonfiction which is intimate and is written in a personal manner.

Getting the Topic

You will need to find a topic that you’re passionate about. There are situations where the topic might have been already assigned if it is schoolwork. You will be required to follow the instructions when coming up with the essay. A good topic should be something which is relatable in the case of a personal essay. As humans, we want to relate to something. You’re more likely to grab the reader’s attention if it is a topic that is familiar to them. It could be love, hate, death, loss, and a lot more.

Start with an Engaging Hook

How you start the essay will set the tone for everything. That is why you should start with a strong hook which will draw the reader and he or she will have no option than to go through the whole essay to find out what it is all about. The hook will establish the topic of the essay. This should be made clear from the onset.

Creating the Outline

You will know the importance of having an outline when you come across someone who is having difficulties trying to tell a story. It will be all over the place with no logical flow. In most instances, the story will not have a real point because there could be so many conflicting details.

The purpose of an outline is to help with organizing your thoughts. An outline will be required, regardless of the essay you’re working on. The opening hook and the statement you want to make should be considered in the outline. Writing essays can be a tad too challenging sometimes, especially if you have a ton of assignments competing for your attention. You can check out the best paper writers if you’re looking for help with your essays. Such papers can be used for references if you’re looking for inspiration to write your personal essay.

Narrow the Focus

It is easy to get carried away when writing a personal essay. You will find yourself including unnecessary details which don’t help with the flow of the essay. Writing on a general topic is too laborious and you might not have all the facts at your fingertips. Your essay could be about a particular topic but you fail to bring it up in your arguments. Make sure you have the focus in mind when writing every piece of the essay.

Don’t Tell, Show

You need to demonstrate to your readers your topic of discussion. If it is an academic paper, you will have to back up the writing with facts that are properly cited. If it is a creative piece, the challenge will be to evoke the senses. You need to move the readers with emotions.

Thought-provoking Conclusion

The conclusion will summarize your main ideas. There are some people who will look at the conclusion before they can decide if it is interesting enough to read the other part of the essay. The conclusion should have 3-5 strong closing sentences. Only include the words that are necessary. Don’t repeat the main ideas word for word as that will not be a good conclusion.

Going Through the Essay

After finishing the essay, you will need to go through it to make sure it reads well. You don’t want to sound repetitive which can take out the meaning out of an argument. Writing a good personal essay takes time and practice. If you’re a college student, you should put in the effort to improve your essay writing skills. This is because it will come in handy for all your courses.

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Lisa Woods
Lisa Woods
1 year ago

Hello. I now need to write an essay and I am in search of good instructions on this topic, I used to ask for assignment help several times and now I will try to write a good text on my own. Thank you for your advice.

Mike Hanski
1 year ago

I write all my Essay myself because I have a lot of professional experience, and I can do it perfectly. I really love writing since childhood. I have always helped write articles to my friends, and now I am a real writer.

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1 year ago

There is no set definition to describe a personal terms. In simple terms, a personal essay can be described as a work of nonfiction which is intimate and is written in a personal manner.