Mitigating Murphy’s Law: 5 Critical Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid


Planning an event takes a ton of work and it’s easy for mistakes to go from something minor to something that derails the entire event. Before planning any event, understand the most common mistakes that event planners make and learn how to avoid them.

Failure to Consider the Scope of the Event

How many people will be attending? Get a rough number at the beginning of planning the event and keep this number in mind for every detail of the event. If the number changes at any point, be sure to go back and make changes where necessary with the plans. For instance, knowing the number of attendees is helpful for ordering catering from a company like Select Catering Services but they will need to know to make more or less food if the amount of predicted attendees changes.

Failure to Make Contingency Plans

If something can go wrong, it will. When planning an event, it’s crucial to make contingency plans for everything. Some things are a little more obvious, like having an indoor area to hold the event in case it rains. Others, like having extra seating or spare electronics for if they’re needed might not be so obvious, but should still be planned for.

Failure to Adequately Staff the Event

Event planners must make sure they have plenty of staff members on hand before, during and after the event. Before the event, staff can help set up everything, make sure nothing is missing or lacking, and help the attendees find out where to go. During the event, they can help with any issues attendees might have and ensure everything runs smoothly. After the event, the staff can help clean up everything quickly.

Failure to Communicate Changes

Any changes that need to be made during the planning phase must be communicated to all involved. It’s a good idea to talk to the person about the changes and follow up with an email so they do not forget that the changes occurred. Changes that need to be communicated can be anything from adjusting the catering for a larger number of attendees or changing which room a part of the event will be held in.

Failure to Make Sure Tech is Prepared

Technology can be used throughout the event to make everything easier, but only if it’s working properly. Before the event, it’s critical to test all technology used in the event and ensure it is working properly. Laptops used for presentations, for instance, can be set up ahead of time to ensure the presentation will move forward smoothly. If this isn’t done, the day of the event will be the day the laptop decides to quit working. If it was tested before the event, there’s a smaller chance of it quitting and there’s the chance to obtain a backup computer for the event if needed.

Event planning takes a lot of work, but it can be all worth it when the event proceeds without any issues. Though there will always be something that goes wrong, by following these tips, event planners can make sure they have plans in place for everything and that they are fully prepared so anything that does go wrong won’t ruin the entire day. Keep these tips in mind for any event you plan, large or small, to make it a success.

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