Navigating the College Application Process


As parents, we work tirelessly to make sure that our children are happy, healthy, and that their needs are met. All of our sleepless nights and hard work are well-rewarded when they become self-reliant adults who are on their way to a bright and successful future. As their high school years begin to draw to a close, we are often met with the mixed emotions. Our babies have nearly reached independence and we see all of the opportunities unfolding before them. We want to help them find the right direction but at the same time, it’s time to let them take more control. The college application process is the perfect example of this parenting dilemma. 

Make Sure Your Child is Prepared

Even though the ball is in their court to decide their future, we can play an important role in making sure that they are well prepared for college prior to beginning the application process. Begin to research their top choice schools and majors to advise them on planning their high school course schedule. If there is a subject that they need additional help to master, consider online tutoring to give them the extra help and instruction required to set them up for college success.

Testing like the SAT and ACT can also be a major point of stress for college-bound students and their parents. Winward Academy offers SAT and ACT test prep courses and resources that can help your student reach their highest potential on these standardized tests. Their courses offer instructional lessons, practice tests, and support and feedback that will give your student the knowledge and confidence they need as they begin the testing process. 

Provide Support During the Application Period

There is a lot on your student’s mind as they begin submitting their college applications. Among the biggest concerns are college application essays and personal statements that are required by some schools. While you cannot do the work for them, offering them the tools they need and providing advice when they ask for it will be a great help. 

A college application prep course is a wonderful resource that can give them the understanding and confidence to put together powerful application and essay that will help them to stand out in a sea of applicants. Winward Academy offers online resources that can teach students how to complete their application, what makes a memorable essay, and how to ace an interview. Their self-paced course provides advice and information from an experienced industry expert who has successfully helped students just like yours get into their top-choice colleges. 

Most importantly, the key to helping your student through the college application process is providing a soft place to land. Give them the advice they ask for and the encouragement they need as they work through their applications. Lend an ear and a shoulder when there is stress and disappointment. Help them find resources, like those at Winward Academy, to boost their knowledge and confidence along the way. And finally, celebrate together when all of the hard work pays off and they receive a much-anticipated college acceptance letter. 


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Shannan Powell is a mom of 3 boys, who has worked from home as a freelance writer and blogger since the birth of her middle son. Her spare time is spent volunteering with her son's swim team, reading, and binge watching random shows on Netflix.

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