Thrombocytes Help Our Blood Fulfill its Important Duties


Blood platelets are the smallest cells present in our blood and have a dimension of about two micrometers in diameter. They bear the same properties that red cells have as they lack a nucleus and are unable to perform other cellular functions such as division. They have however some important and complex metabolism and internal structure than red cells do and have the main role of adhering to each other when a blood vessel is cut.

Thrombocytes are our bodies’ defense mechanism when it comes to fending off blood disease and cuts as they have the main function of forming blood clots in order to stop the bleeding. Blood is the most vital element in our bodies as it has some amazing duties to fulfill such as regulating the consistency of the internal environment. Circulating blood makes the changing of conditions of life possible as well as how human endure climate variations and atmospheric pressure. Blood fulfills a lot of important roles and one should know that it should be kept healthy at all costs.

Helps With Respiratory Functions

The respiratory function of blood is of paramount importance as it supplies oxygen to living cells to our bodies, especially our brain. Oxygen is transported through the entire body via blood vessels and most of it is bound to the hemoglobin of red blood cells. Oxygen is diffusing through the plasma and attaches directly to red cells and combined with hemoglobin, such functions are assuring that your body will function in normal parameters and will not be hampered by any external factors which would otherwise lead to some unwanted problems if the regulators of oxygen do not function within optimal parameters.

When the availability of oxygen meets tissues meets, carbon dioxide is diffused into the blood and is later moved towards the lungs in order to be eliminated from the body via the expiratory function of them. Carbon dioxide is extremely soluble being an acidic substance and an increase of it in the blood can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease or even strokes. Such conditions are often encountered in smokers. High tensions of carbon dioxide will produce the stimulus to breathe and respiratory movements have the role in ventilating the lungs for as much as needed in order to keep the body fully oxygenated.

Paramount Transportation System

One of the most important functions of our blood is that it has the purpose of transporting oxygen and cells as well as proteins and hormones around the body in order to make sure that our organs and tissues function within normal parameters. Oxygen is carried from the lungs through our whole body and the result carbon dioxide is transported the same way but in reverse in order to help our bodies get rid of unwanted compounds extremely easy.


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