Medical Alarm Systems For Seniors In The Family


A Growing Need

Today’s working adults often find themselves dealing with raising their families while also caring for their parents. This is the source of the term “sandwich generation.” As the elderly live longer lives, the need to provide for their care continues for many years.

Technology proves to be a major boon in helping to meet these needs. With the Internet, it is easy to check in daily and often to speak with or video chat with parents and loved ones. The use of a medical alarm system also provides comfort to many people. Knowing that merely pressing a button brings immediate assistance allows many elderly to maintain independent life styles.

Many Available Options

Because of the growing use of these systems, there are a number of providers in the marketplace. While all of them provide a basic alert system, there are a number of items to evaluate when choosing the one that is right for any given situation. The items to review and questions to ask include:

• Reputation of the vendor. With many new entrants to the field, critical evaluation of an alert company is essential. A large part of the sense of security that comes from using such a system rides on that company’s reliability.

o How long has the company been the business?

o How many customers do they monitor?

o Are they financially stable?
• Monitoring services. This is, after all, the core of the issue. With technology, the capabilities of monitoring devices are greatly improved. Check to see how leading edge the vendor is in providing full monitoring and excellent response times.

o Is the system monitored by humans 24/7?

o What is the monitoring range?

o Is there a voice response?

o What is the promised response time

o Is there a fire and smoke monitoring option?

o What type of help and support is offered?
• What type of equipment is offered?  Again, advances in technology mean that the sensitivity and effectiveness of the monitoring equipment continues to advance. Some of the latest devices do not require direct activation, and monitors can be set to various conditions and sensitivities.

o Is there a panic button?

o Is direct activation of the monitor necessary?

o Is the device a pendant or wrist monitor?

o Is it waterproof?

o Does the equipment use the latest technology?
• Contract and fees. Increased competition means that there are a range of fees and plans to choose among. It is important to closely compare the different contracts to achieve a good comparison.

o What is the contract length?

o Is there a separate charge for the equipment?

o How do the monthly fees compare to competitors?

o Is there an activation fee?

o Is there a cancellation fee?

o Are there any additional costs or expenses?
There are excellent options for alert systems to give peace of mind and real protection for your loved ones.

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Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith
9 years ago

Nice! I’ve heard about this and am planning on getting one for my parents. Now I know what things to consider before acquiring one. Thanks!