The Truth about Cold Brew Coffee


Cold brew coffee is a roasted coffee brewing system known to create a distinct, and perfectly balanced, delicious cup of coffee. You can serve it either steaming hot or iced cold. Its unique technique of extraction is what makes the coffee quite smooth and more subtle in taste.

Over the years, cold brew coffee has become extremely popular, mostly because of its health benefits. It’s a drink that presents less acidity and caffeine, hence more tolerant for those with extremely sensitive stomachs. Basically, this brew type is something you can wake up to every morning without a hassle; no need for hot water, and coffee maker.

It’s Also known As Toddy Coffee

The cold brew process is more associated with Toddy Simpson, who was also a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell University. During many of his experiments, he came to discover whenever roasted coffee is brewed at much higher temperatures it releases a certain undesirable and bitter flavor.

It is majorly because of the beans natural consist of numerous compounds, which then loosen up into the brew. These easily soluble substances which include fatty oils and acids are overwhelming in that you do not feel the original flavor of the coffee.

On the other hand, a cold brew coffee uses normal room temperature water in its chemical process. There is no exposure in any way to high temperatures, meaning that such compounds are not extracted. It allows the coffee to retain its rich and delicious flavor.

Unclear Origins of the Cold Brew

The history of cold brew is quite undefined. Indeed, there are many versions as to its real origin. The earliest records trace it back to 1600s Japanese. However, other people dispute and say that it was initially an idea of the ancient Dutch traders.

It is said that they would brew it and carry it along on their ship voyages across the oceans, eventually influencing Japanese coffee brewing culture. Meanwhile, other schools of thought are of the opinion that the brew might, in fact, have originated from ancient Peruvian. Irrespective of its origins, this kind of brew remains steeped in history.

Time and Not Heat Applies

The traditional coffee brewing method requires heat, which also allows you to serve instantly. The technical bit of cold brew, on the other hand, relies on the essence of time, as there is no semblance of heating. First and foremost you need to clearly consider steeping time of the brew.

Since the water used is actually cold, it requires you to factor in at least 12-18 hours of steeping time. This is for color, flavor, and caffeine undergo a gradual but sure extraction process. The same process produces much fewer of the bitter compounds that are naturally embedded in roast coffee beans. As such, the outcome is usually one of a very smooth and sweeter drink.

Cold Brew Coffee Tastes Sweeter

It’s not a secret that an increase in the amounts of acid kills the flavor. The chemistry behind a typical cold brew allows the final result of one that is less acidic. It’s because it undergoes less oxidation and degradation, which are major causes for the bitter taste.

It’s also known to stay much fresher for longer. In fact, you can refrigerate it for up to a month, and still get the same fresh taste as it was on day one. If you compare, hot coffee can easily go stale just after a few hours.

Basically, because of the room temperature with which the cold brew is made, it does not go through a volatile process which then jugs out the bitter compounds. It’s the very reason, why that final taste is subtle, more dull, and tolerable.

It Comes With Less Caffeine

A lot of cold water is usually used during the brewing process. The final concentrate, therefore, is much more dilute. As such the dilute mixture also presents less caffeine compared to hot brew. The same concentrate becomes even further diluted with more water, milk or cream when serving, minimizing the levels of caffeine concentration.

It is quite critical as there has been an increase in many people with heartburn related cases. Such can be exacerbated in drinks which have over the top acidic and caffeine in concentrations, as is the case with hot coffee. In this case, cold brew could just be the solution for most coffee lovers.

Cold Brew Coffee Has Less Acid

This type of coffee preparation is known to lock in all flavor which could have been disintegrated due to high temperatures from heat. It also eliminates acids and fatty oils. Basically, any temperature change also exhibits a change in the taste of the coffee.

For instance, if you expose coffee to higher temperatures, certain oils, which are filled with acidic substances, stay on into your brew. They are the reason your hot coffee presents that never-ending bitter taste on your tongue. It’s a kind of acidic shock which also prevents you from sensing the coffee’s natural flavor.

On the other hand, and according to research by Toddy Simpson, the cold brew process inhibits almost 67% of acidic compounds from ever reaching your cup of coffee. This then mitigates the usual burnt bitter flavor found in hot coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Has Plenty of Uses

According to recent studies drinking cold brewed coffee comes with so many uses and advantages. For example:

– A cup of cold brew coffee daily can lengthen your lifespan. It’s because it consists of numerous antioxidants which your body requires to function optimally.

Also, there is minimal extraction of such age and disease-fighting substances as chromogenic acid, which allows you to you, remain in perfect health.

– Its best for those with sensitive stomachs since the flavor is both smooth and less acidic. It’s therefore tolerable for anyone suffering from acidic reflux. Less acid also prevents damage to your teeth.

– The brew is naturally sweeter, with deep flavor. This prevents you from adding on extra calories in the form of sugar and creams, which can contain more than 70 calories in a single serving. It’s therefore well-suited for dieters.

– Less caffeine of cold brew means that you also avoid health risks such as those associated with osteoporosis.

– It can improve mood and the overall state of the mind. It is stated that coffee contains substances which not only help with sleep deprivation, but it also cuts down cases of depression by over 8 %.

– The process of preparing is both easy and less time consuming. You simply require water of room temperature, soak, and put away for a day or so. In fact, such a concentrate can serve you more than two weeks if well refrigerated. It means that you have more time on your hands for other things other than waking up daily for coffee preparation routine.

The truth is that many people cannot make it through a single day without the famous cup of coffee. It’s basically a way of life. But preparation methods continue to evolve with each passing day. For instance, recent years have seen the growth in popularity of cold brew coffee. Every major coffee shop has it as its main drink on the menu.

The most pronounced reason why its a favorite is that it has less acidic content, which is quite good for those with acid sensitivities. It also contains much lesser caffeine, which then eliminates a lot of health risks associated with caffeine.

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