Reasons You Should Choose An Inflatable Boat


Inflatable boats have more advantages than traditional boats, which is why many people opt for them. If you spend a lot of time in the water or you are a boating enthusiast, then you have probably considered purchasing an inflatable boat at some point. These can be great for family fun, paired with safety devices such as repair kits, life jackets and swim vests for toddlers. Whether you are thinking of buying a new one or replacing a worn out one, you can never go wrong with an inflatable. You have choices ranging from fully inflatable boats to rigid inflatable boats depending on your purpose of purchase and preference. However, they are all excellent choices, and here are the reasons why you should not hesitate to get the boat.


Discover the compelling reasons why you should choose an inflatable boat as your preferred watercraft, and explore the wide selection available at Red Beard Sailing to find the perfect vessel for your aquatic adventures. The first reason why you should get an inflatable boat is because of their level of flexibility. They are highly flexible, which means you can deflate them, put them in your car boot and bring them with you anywhere you go. You do not need to have a huge truck or boat trailers to transport them. Besides the convenience of transportation, inflatable boats are easy to store. After a trip all you need to do is hose down your boat with water and soap, let it dry, deflate it, fold it nicely into the size of a stack of clothes and put it away for the next use. You do not have to worry about your boat being stolen by thieves during the night on the docks like you would with the traditional boasts. Whenever you need to use your boat, take it out of your car boot or wherever it is stored and inflate it with a pump and it will be ready to use.


When compared to other traditional boats, inflatable ones are incredibly lightweight, and this makes them a perfect choice for many users. This is especially ideal if you are using your boat for fishing. Instead of towing a regular canoe or dinghy, behind your car, you will be able to strap your boat to your car roof. Although the carrying capacity of an inflatable boat is huge, the material used to produce it is lightweight, making it easy to launch. It only takes two adults to carry the boat from the water after use.

Stable and safe

Stability is essential for safety and comfort while in the water. Inflatable boats are incredibly stable even at high speeds, because of their buoyancy tubes. These boats come with two large buoyancy tubes on the side and a flat surface between them. The large tubes provide a low center of gravity and make the boat sit flat on the surface of the water, making it almost impossible to flip over. This feature also makes the boats best suited for people who like to fish while standing and the scuba divers who need to flip to the water. Also, in the rare instance that one of the buoyancy tubes is pierced, its separation from the other will keep your boat afloat. When pierced, the tubes are very easy to mend on the go, making these boats a very safe option.

Strong and durable

If you are going to buy a boat, you want something that will not fall apart after a few months. Inflatable boats are made of high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality checks before they are released into the market because they are made to operate even in harsh conditions. Their ability to last long and to withstand any weather conditions is one of the most appealing qualities of inflatable boats. These boats are usually made of a material that does not easily break or tear when it hits sharp objects or rough stones. The materials used in manufacturing can withstand brushes with hard objects unless the punctures are very intense or intended. When well taken care of, your boat can last for very many years.


Most boats in the market are made to fulfill a single function. However inflatable boats are made for all purposes ranging from rowing, sailing cruising, fishing or even as a rescue boat. If you get yourself a boat because you like to go fishing, but at some point, you decide to try water sports, you will not need to get yourself another boat. You will transform your fishing boat to whatever boat you want without any difficulty. The other uses of inflatable boats include security patrol, pleasure, tenders for yachts, personal transportation, and water sports. These boats can be used in any water body, including the sea, the lake, or white waters.

Large loading capacity

Loading of inflatable boats can be unexpectedly huge due to the designs of the large buoyancy tubes. In addition to the stability feature, these boats can carry a massive load of cargo or people without any instability. For a fun day out in the sun with your boat, take your friends with you, all your fishing or water sports gear and anything else that you need, with ease. Just load everything into the boat in a balanced way, hop in, and enjoy your experience in the water.


Not only are these types of boats cheap to buy, but their maintenance costs are also quite low. The cost efficiency in maintenance is because they use less power as a result of their weight, and less power translates to low fuel consumption. If you are just getting started or you do not want to spend a considerable sum of money on a boat that you might use only once in a while, this is the best option for you. Additionally, reselling an inflatable boat is easy and comes with reasonable residual prices.

Whatever your motivation for buying a boat is, you cannot go wrong with an inflatable. With its wide range of advantages and uses, it will serve you well. All you have to do is research on the boats available in the market that are in line with your needs then make the purchase. You are guaranteed a good time in the waters for many years without having to buy a new boat as a result of technicalities or tear and wear.

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