The top 4 coffee brands to try this year


People prefer different tastes and brands of coffee. Some will go for some of the most expensive and tasty kinds such as Blue Mountain Coffee, or the regular coffee at the retail shops such as Gevalia or Foldgers. Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a coffee brand include your budget, taste preferences, and the strength of coffee. You may also review various brands online, or seek opinions from various social media platforms, to make the best choice.

Here are the top 4 coffee brands to try this year:

  1.   Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica coffee. They produce the tastiest type of Arabica coffee so, buying this particular brand is a good bet. The blend of fruity and floral flavors makes it one of the best brands for coffee lovers. Coffee growing areas in Ethiopia are on high altitude and mainly, coffee is grown in the Beriti region. Coffee from this region usually has creamy citrus flavor mixed with floral flavors and it’s one of the tastiest coffees in the world. It is also relatively expensive, but you get value for your money. If you prefer cacao, floral, or stone fruit flavors, this is the best brand for you.

  1.   Blue mountain coffee

Jamaica is known for the production of high-quality coffee in high altitude areas along the Blue Mountains. You will mainly find coffee in St Mary, St Thomas, and Portland areas. The St Andrews parish is also a leading producer of coffee in Jamaica. The rich volcanic soils around the Blue mountains contribute to the rich taste of Blue Mountain coffee. If you love sweet herbs and floral tones with nutty and vibrant acidity, this should be your brand of preference. It is also relatively expensive, but you get value for your money.

  1.   Ozone coffee

London has some of the best coffee roasters in the world, and Ozone is one of them. The main advantage of this type of coffee brand is that you can enjoy different tastes throughout the year based on the four seasons. Mainly, the company sources coffee beans from Brazil, Burundi, and Colombia. The beans are usually light or medium roasted to give the best taste. If you like any particular brand you may stock up as much as possible to last you till the next season. 

  1.   CRU Kafé organic coffee

For people looking for organic coffee that is free of pesticides and preservatives, you should opt for this brand. Another reason to buy this brand is because of its versatility with sweet caramel and peach notes, as well as nectarine and creamy cashew notes producing one of the most fragrant and aromatic coffee. It originates from Honduras and is medium roasted hence the rich flavor. Coffee lovers will enjoy the rich flavor, and it is also one of the affordable organic coffee brands in the market. You may enjoy a cup of CRU Kafe organic coffee at any time of the day to feel more refreshed, or get the mental power boost.

These are some of the best coffee brands in the market today. Though they may be relatively expensive, you will get value for the money due to the rich taste and refreshing feeling.

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Food is necessary for our bodies. Coffee is essential when you work and it helps to refresh your mind. My friend is badly addicted to drink coffee she daily drink 4 times and I think it’s not good for health.