The Story of How One Person Became a Family of Seven


Aspiranet believes all infants, children and teens need more than a place to sleep and a hot meal, they deserve to belong to a family of their own that can provide permanence as well as a path of stability, safety, guidance and most of all love.

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ln a time of great need for more than 58,000 children in foster care in California,  Aspiranet a human services nonprofit agency has helped children and families for  40 years, and have made it their mission to find more people with open hearts for  infants, children and teens that need a loving home. We know your hearts will open with the inspirational story of Lacey Dunkin and six  amazing foster children.

Lacey Dunkin’s story began five years ago. Duncan knew she always wanted to be a mom but she had her doubts about ever being able to adopt let alone foster a child as a single parent.

She was certified with Aspiranet in 2011and the process began to match children who’s needs would be best suited and fit with her lifestyle. On September 26th, she received a call from Aspiranet about four sisters who needed placement for foster care and that same night she became a foster parent for the very first time.

Aspiranet continually works with foster families to provide care for infants, children and teens while birth families are working to reunify with them.  If the reunification plan is not successful Aspiranet guides those foster families through the adoption process

Throughout her experience as a foster mom, Dunkin was able to build a trusting relationship with her foster daughters’ birth mother and helped the girls maintain a close bond her as she worked hard to regain her parental rights. However, once the young mother was able to reunify with her children in 2012, she felt strongly that Dunkin could offer a better life for her girls and asked her if she would adopt the children, along with two additional daughters she also had. Without hesitation, Dunkin officially adopted all six girls who were between the ages 0 and8. The adoption of her youngest daughter was made official in March 2015.

Beautiful families are made every day, whether it’s a family where parents care for their birth children, relatives caring for a family member’s child, or a compassionate person who can open their homes and hearts to children in need. Dunkin’s love and passion to help foster youth is exactly what we’re seeking to give children the foundation and care they require to grow and strive.

Can you open your heart and help raise a hero through foster or adoption and be a part of life’s special moments?  Take the first step to creating a lifelong connection with a foster child.  Talk with one of our family recruiters at 877.380.HERO or visit

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