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The birth of a baby can see some couples and/or families miss out on taking a (usually; much needed) holiday for a significant time. This does not have to be the case however since there are many holiday resorts out there that are very accommodating for those with babies or toddlers.

But with so many resorts to choose from, how can you be sure that you have selected the best one for the needs of you and your infant? Here are some things to look out for when selecting a baby-friendly vacation resort:

Baby Equipment and Facilities

Travelling with a baby anywhere can be difficult but making your way to a holiday resort with endless pieces of baby equipment in tow can be a complete nightmare! Thankfully however, the most baby-friendly of resorts will offer their guests a wide range of equipment to make their trip and stay with the resort as simple as possible.

Some of the equipment that may be provided free of charge (or for a nominal fee) includes:

  • High chairs;
  • Baby baths;
  • Changing mats;
  • Cots;
  • Playpens;
  • Baby monitors;
  • Bottle warmers and sterilisers.

Obviously; the more equipment that is provided by a resort, the more accommodating to babies that resort is likely to be. The best baby-friendly resorts will also house several nappy changing facilities, as well as shops selling a variety of items for your baby including wet wipes, nappies, nappy creams and baby food.

On-Site Babysitting

Some parents might only ever truly unwind whilst away on holiday should they be granted an opportunity to spend some time away from their little one. If this sounds like an ideal scenario to you then you should probably investigate whether each baby-friendly resort on offer to you comprises an on-site babysitting service or not.

Quite a number of baby-friendly resorts do offer their guests a sitting service so that Mum and Dad can take advantage of the on-site facilities that are designed especially for them, for example licensed bars and spa facilities. It goes without saying that you should check that the minders at your selected resort are fully qualified to care for infants.

It should also be noted that additional charges usually apply for sitting services, as does a minimum hire time.

Your Choice of Room

There is little point in finding the ideal baby-friendly resort if the room that you have booked is located close to where all the action – and therefore; noise – is! Your baby is hardly going to get the shuteye he/she needs if their cot is next to a window in a busy area of the resort. You should ask if it is possible to book a room in a quiet area.

You should also investigate whether or not your room includes effective blinds and/or curtains so that bright lights external to the room can be blocked out since a dark room will also aid your baby’s sleep.

Author: Maria Marchant is a travel agent specialising in UK family holidays who has been incredibly busy lately since the February half term holidays arrive shortly.

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