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The junior/senior prom is a special time of year. Students gather to celebrate a time in their live that is one of the most memorable; high school. Using a unique theme to your prom dance can add to the memories. Each year schools all over the country scramble to find interesting themes for their celebrations. Both the students and the staff enjoy these special nights. Let prom be the night of glamor and fun!

Run Away To The Circus:

One interesting theme which can be used is the circus. The circus offers a wide range of interesting costumes. They can range from the ring master to clowns, strong man, high wire walkers, acrobats, jugglers and many more. The students not only have a number of colorful costumes to choose from, they can play dress-up without spending an arm and a leg.

Transform into A Superhero:

Super-heroes are another great theme. Most high school students had a favorite super-hero as a kid. As they prepare to leave high school dressing as a super-hero lets them live out their fantasy before they head off into the real world. Plus super-hero costumes are a lot of fun for both sexes. They get to wear cute costumes complete with masks. The truly innovative can create their own super-hero and invent special powers.

Dress for The Red Carpet:

If the class likes to dress in outrageous formalwear the Oscars is a fantastic theme. The students can research classic costumes worn by their favorite actors or actresses or get copies of the most memorable ones. They can also let their imaginations run wild and create fantastic Oscar-worthy outfits of their own. The king and queen can look magnificent in their yearbook photos and everybody gets to be a star for the night.

Have A Blast in Outer space:

Space is the final frontier. Most of today’s youth grow up watching science fiction. They would love to parade around on night dressed like one of the space creatures they see in the movies or on television. The choices are almost endless. They can do retro War of the Worlds costumes, Star Trek, Star Wars or any of the popular space based movies, television shows or comic books. This celebration can turn out to be the best night of their entire high school career.

Party like It’s Fat Tuesday:

If you really want your prom to be a blast consider using Mardi Gras as your theme. Mardi Gras is one of America’s most iconic celebrations. The costume possibilities are endless. Mardi Gras combines exotic music, masks, beads, French accents and mystery. It is a showcase for some of the oldest and most unusual cultural practices in the United States. Add jazz, blues, unusual drinks and voodoo spells and your prom will be the talk of the town for many years to come.

Bring back the 60s or the 70s:

The 60s and 70s were wild decades. Teens during this period wore the wildest clothes imaginable. Flower children in bell bottoms, giant afros, high heeled shoes for men and tie dyed everything. The music of the 60s and 70s will live on forever. Music from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, the Jackson 5, Janis Joplin, Parliament-Funkadelic and all the disco music you can stand. It is the perfect setting to dance the night away. So channel your inner flower child and celebrate the 60 and 70s.

High School is a great time in most people’s life. It is a time when they can have fun and express themselves without a worry in the world. High school teens are no longer children yet not considered adults, at least not until after graduation. Prom is a time when they can dress up, gather with friends and have an amazing time. Open your mind, release your creativity and have fun with your celebration. Whether you choose to dress formally and use these ideas for decoration or go all in and dress for the theme, prom is one special event you don’t want to miss.

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