The Most Family Friendly Places To Emigrate



Let’s face it, most of us love our “Mother Country”, but the idea of emigrating to an exotic country and raising our children abroad sounds appealing. For some families, emigrating to another country isn’t necessarily a lack of love or desertion of their own country, it is perhaps a decision based on a way of living. Some countries house better safety nets such as better physical security for children, better health care, better education, better sports programs, learning a new language, social integration, and even the cost of living.

For most of us, raising our children and giving them advantages we lacked growing up, is our number one priority. The idea of  selling all your stuff and living your dream life abroad isn’t so far fetched when you think about all the advantages your family could benefit.

Families that are looking for a more adventurous lifestyle would likely benefit from emigrating to the Australia. Statistic show that 55% of the Australian emigration population report a more active lifestyle, not only within their children, but within their own lifestyle as well. Australia is also a popular emigration destination due to it’s English speaking population.

Canada is also among the popular English speaking emigration distentions. With better opportunities for employment and a great Social Security system in place, their emigration population is one of the top destinations. Moreover, Canada is ranked top in the world in both their healthcare and education system. Add all this to the Canada Charter Rights, Freedom rights, and rights to religion, who wouldn’t want to emigrate to such a beautiful and well versed county?

And for those living outside the USA emigration to the United States is highly popular. Political freedom, economic opportunities, religious freedom, education, and in many cases physical safety.

Whatever your dream destination might be, living abroad can be an exciting adventure with a hopeful future.

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10 years ago

My husband always teases about moving to Australia! It would be an adventure but I don’t know if I could leave all of my family. Now my brother lives abroad. Last year he was teaching in a school in Russia and this year he is teaching in South Korea. He doesn’t have kids yet though so he has more freedom to move around a lot.