7 Tips To Find a Long-term Relationship For a Single Mom


Single mothers looking for love might often find themselves wondering whether it is even possible to find a long-term relationship nowadays. How to find enough free time to go out? How open you need to be about your previous experiences? Should your date know about your kids right away?

  1. It is important to accept the fact that you too deserve a partner!

You might be loving your children with all of your beautiful heart, but there is also a chance you might be missing something. You too, deserve to have a loving time with someone who accepts you just the way you are. It would surely be nice to have someone to share your thoughts with, someone who will help you when things get rough.

Before you do start looking for a partner, give yourself time to find answers to these rather simple questions – What do you look for in a partner? What makes you wish to start dating again? Are there any needs you are looking to fulfill? – Answering these questions alone will help you know a little bit more about yourself and your point of view. Be aware of your own expectations and sacrifices that you might have to make if you start dating again.

  1. You learned something from your past relationships.

It is expected you have learned something from your previous relationships, therefore make sure you do not let the same mistakes happen again, be the best version of yourself and the best mother you already are! Do not let anyone play around with your emotions and be sure to stay wise, now that you have children/child, you cannot afford to have useless drama all over the place.

  1. Finding enough time for yourself and your tasks.

As a single mother, it is extremely hard to find even a minute to watch your favorite movie, let alone date as everyone else does.

You must always have enough time for your children, your own self and only then everything else. Never let yourself depend on someone else and be happy with people who are willing to be around you. Schedule your free time and make sure you show your appreciation for the support and still catch some time to have fun with your friends. Your dating should never influence your friendships or relations with your family.

  1. A great way to meet someone who will appreciate you.

If you are bored of seeing the same dating spots all over again, same people and you just want to try out a completely new method, there are many dating websites such as DoULike.com – a lovely dating website that connects hundreds of single men and women who might be waiting just to meet you! Many couples have shared their love stories and some of them even married thanks to this website.

  1. You can initiate too!

Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation about something unexpected, be yourself and be completely honest. Speak of the things that make you happy, share your ideas and thoughts. Do not rush with physical contact and make sure you keep your expectations high, do not change your expectations just because the first date might not go perfectly right away. You are the one who has to choose, so choose the best you possibly can, not just for your own good, but for the good of your kids as well.

  1. Be open, speak about your kids

It is important to note to your dating partners that you have children. Some people are not ready to have a relationship that involves children right away and the last thing you want is them running away after realizing you are a single mother. You respect honesty from their side, make sure you are honest too. Take into consideration your children and think of how well would they get along with your current dating partner – This is extremely important knowing he might actually be the person who will put them to bed in the future as well.

  1. Be patient, it will all happen when the time is right!

If your dates don’t turn out to be as great as you thought they would be, do not give up! Be patient and enjoy meeting new people, eventually, you might get lucky too! Maybe

the reason it is not going well is just that you are rushing it? Maybe you are impatient, work on yourself as a person, love yourself and that will be enough to find the one who will respect you and hold you to be as precious as you are.

Finding love as a single mom might not be the easiest thing in the world, it is actually rather complicated, but knowing you are an amazing person, we are sure you will manage to find someone who will stand next to you and be ready to share everything with you. Make sure you show them how much your children mean to you and be ready to meet them with your new ‘’friend’’ whenever you are ready.

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