Natural Way To Treat Bipolar Disorders



Have you been feeling moody lately? Do you feel like you’re lively and energetic at one time then extremely depressed afterwards? Have you been having problems sleeping and have manic and depressive episodes?

If you happen to have these symptoms, then chances are, you have a bipolar disorder. To make sure though, take time to have yourself checked by good and experienced New Jersey Psychologists. These professionals will properly diagnose your sickness and will give you the right treatment for your illness.

However, treatment and medications for any mental disorder can be quite expensive. One way to speed up and improve the effectiveness of the medicines for bipolar disorders, is by getting the right nutrition. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind to speed up your recovery from your bipolar disorder.

More amino acids. These protein-building nutrients are very important to your muscles, bones, and skin. What most people don’t know though is that amino acids help manage your brain’s functions. Moreover, these nutrients help fight off depression, which is one of the leading causes of bipolar disorders. While the body produces its own amino acids, It would be a lot better if you can get more of this into your body. More amino acids can help you bounce back from depression. There are certain amino acids that your body needs. These are the following:
–    Taurine – this amino acid helps relieve anxiety. It also curbs excessive energy. These qualities of the nutrient makes it perfect for the treatment of bipolar disorders. Taurine has a sedating effect so you should take it in moderation as excessively high dosage could cause depression.
–    Tyrosine. This amino acid helps in treating depression while improving memory retention and alertness. However, you should ask your doctor before taking one as it could raise the body’s blood pressure that can cause other medical problems for you.
–    Lecithin. This nutrient helps significantly in the development of the brain. That is why young ones are being given lecithin-rich supplements to achieve the right development of the brain. There are pills or grain forms of lecithin that you can mix with food or liquids.
–    Gaba amino butyric acid supplements. If you have been having troubles sleeping, this supplement helps relieve stress and also makes it easier for you to get regular and continuing amounts of sleep. Before taking these supplements though, you should first consult your doctor. This could cause numbness in your feet or hands and can even cause you troubles catching your breath.

These supplements are natural and are very effective. However, these could also cause problems if you happen to have allergic reactions with any of them. That is why before you purchase and take any of these supplements; make sure to ask for your physician’s approval first.

Everybody wants to find the most affordable and natural means to get well from his or her illness. However, you should not just take any medication without the proper advice from medical professionals. This way you’d able to treat yourself from your illness faster and prevent any further complications from your sickness.


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jeana O'donnell-Murphy
jeana O'donnell-Murphy
11 years ago

It was nice to see this post as I am 100% against pharmaceutical drugs and their toxins and side effects. We human beings have had this from the beginning of time but not in mass amounts like it is now. It’s nothing new but our environment and our processed food and drinks do not do us any good.