The Geriatric Generation


How Aged-Care Has Benefited From the Modern Age

Move over teens, tweens, and selfie-taking fanatics.

There is a new internet junkie in town and she looks a lot like your grandma.  Think your white-haired grandparents are too out of touch to log onto facebook and see that party pic from last night?  Think again my friend. Geriatrics are taking the internet by storm and it is making a hugely positive influence on their generation.   Intrigued?  Read on to see how aged care is benefiting from modern age internet culture.  

1) Progressive Home Care

In home care for seniors has come a long way from the delivery of a mediocre casserole and a home perm.  Today, family members can find their loved ones aged care packages that are up to date and relevant to what a geriatric patient needs and wants.  A study among seniors revealed that internet usage among people age 65 and over rose 150% between 2009-1011.  Finding a company that is knowledgeable on common issues for seniors and the up to date solutions will make all the difference.

2) Connection

Isolation and loneliness often plague older generations, leading to depression and reclusive bbehavior   Access to the internet, and know how of how to use it, opens up a whole new world for the geriatric generation.  With a strong internet connection, an elderly person can connect with acquaintances from previous chapters of life, or keep in touch with younger family members.

I know this is really the case with my grandma.

She has 24 grandkids and 14 great grand-children. A photo isn’t on facebook for more than ten minutes before grandma comments on it.  Often riddled with spelling errors from her arthritic hands, but loving and enthusiastic nonetheless.  It is heart-warming to know that from the safe, warm, comfort of her home she can stay connected with each and every one of us.

3) Health and Wellness

While Dr Google isn’t a recommended course of action for medical inquiries, the older generations are finding tremendous improvements in health care because of the internet and subsequent technologies.  An elderly patient can find chat rooms and discussion boards to connect with people suffering from similar ailments.  All of a sudden a broken hip can turn from an incredibly isolating experience to a way to connect with others from around the world.

4) Monitoring and Evaluation

Elderly patients can have a difficult time making it to numerous doctor’s appointments, yet often have complicated health issues.  Medical professionals find it challenging to provide top quality care if they can’t monitor and evaluate the patient often.

New technology is creating options for the elderly to travel to the doctor less frequently, by transmitting information straight to the doctor.  Some of the new technology includes a connective device for the elderly patient to wear that transmits health information real time to both the doctor and family members.  

5) Just for the fun of it!

Most old people don’t want to be put in the corner with a deck of cards and a cup of coffee for their last decade on Earth.  It may be hard to believe, but old grandma over there used to be the life of the party and her social butterfly spirit is enormously lifted through use of the internet.

Traveling to another country, or even down the street, may be challenging for some elderly people.  But you know what is as easy as pie?  Logging onto the internet and connecting with people from around the world, while being flooded with imagery of far away places.  It provides a true window into the world.

Did you spend last night surfing the web researching your dream trip to Italy?

Well guess what, your grandma may have been doing the same thing.  Imagination, wanderlust, curiosity and social desires are not limited to the young.  The internet and technological advances have made a wonderfully positive impact on aged-care and the quality of life of the elderly.  So go head, as your grandparents how they feel about the internet. You may have more in common with grams and gramps than you thought!

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