Creative Quirks – 6 Tips For Making Your Living Room Truly Your Own


The living room is both a very personal and public space.

It’s where you entertain guests, but it’s also where you and your family go to relax and spend time together. It can, therefore, be challenging to decorate, because you want it to be comfortable and inviting but still stylish and impressive for guests.

There are a number of ways to personalize your living room and make it your own while still incorporating stylish decor. From paint to pillows, art to antiques you can make unique style choices that will make your living room your favorite room in the house.

Fabric freedom

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t limited to the colors and patterns offered by your furnishings retailer. When it comes to furniture, throw pillows and drapes, you have the freedom to choose your fabrics. If you find a style or shape you like, you can then find upholstery suppliers to update the furniture for you.

Upholstering after you purchase can also help you save money, as you can buy a less expensive, but very comfortable couch and update it with your desired fabric. Why settle for the same couch as everyone else, when you can have the perfect sitting experience?

Creative Color

Color choices are another way to personalize your living space.

Specific colors can be chosen for paint, pillows, art, furniture, rugs and accessories. Choose a color scheme that appeals to your tastes. Don’t be afraid of bold colors, as they can really liven up space! Neutrals can also be nice, as they are a fantastic way create a calming aesthetic. 

Vintage finds

Antiques and vintage furniture are a great way to to make your living room unique.

These pieces tend to be more one of a kind, while the products at your typical furniture retailer will all look alike. You don’t have to buy vintage for everything for the room, but a piece here and there will definitely make a bold and stylish statement. 

Not your average art

When it comes to choosing art for your living room, try to think outside the box.

Choose a really standout large piece, or perhaps some interesting tiny pieces. You can make the art yourself, commission it, or buy it secondhand. 

One hack you can use for artwork is to buy a coffee table book of art prints, cut out your favorites and frame them. This gives you a variety of high quality prints to use for a fraction of the price of buying an actual work of art. 

Another idea is to use your children’s artwork.

Everyone hangs their kids’ coloring on the fridge, but if you put it in a stylish frame, suddenly it looks like an abstract work of art! 

Cozy up

The latest lifestyle trend is one that everyone can get behind: cozyness.

The Danish inspire trend hygge aims to make your life as warm and cozy as possible, and this is definitely something you can use to inspire your living room decor.

Make your living room feel hygge by adding personal memories, cozy blankets and cushions, and candles. And don’t forget to add the people that make you feel warm and happy too!


Part of the minimalist design trend is to declutter by only using items that have a purpose.

This can be further adapted to create a unique and personal space if you decorate with items that hold functional purpose or sentimental value. By paring down to just the objects that are most important, you create a unique space with memorable items. 

Whether you are using a creative color scheme, unique furniture or adapting the latest design trends, keep your personal tastes in mind. Photos in a magazine are a good place to start, but with your own personal touches, your living room will become a room that is all your own.

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