The best types of mattresses for those that sleep on their stomach


Getting your beauty sleep after a tiring day of work is vital for your body and mind to rejuvenate and be fresh and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. But getting that good night sleep on a mattress that is too hard, too soft or just not right for your sleeping style can be quite difficult leading to restlessness and a less than refreshing sleep. 

Sleeping Styles

Different people prefer different ways of sleeping. Some sleep back first facing the ceiling while others sleep on their side. Very few people, in fact, sleep on their stomach and if you are one of these people than finding the right mattress for your sleeping style can be trickier than you would think.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Most people don’t sleep on their stomach because it can put a lot of stress on your back and spine and it becomes difficult to achieve neural spinal alignment that is necessary for good posture. If you are someone that suffers from backaches and doesn’t have a good posture maybe it is time you consider changing your sleeping style. However, sleeping on your stomach can also be beneficial in some cases as it has shown to reduce snoring and help with indigestion or heartburn. 

The Ideal Mattresses for those that prefer sleeping on their Stomach

If sleeping on your stomach is what you find most relaxing and comfortable than they are certain things that you should consider especially when it comes to choosing the right mattress. The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are often on the firmer end as a firm mattress reduces misalignment in your lumbar region when sleeping on your stomach. 

A softer mattress will dip in the area of the hip region as this is where most of your body weight is. This can result in misalignment or a downward bend that can put a lot of stress on your spine and neck region causing muscle aches, headaches and lingering back pain. If you are one of those people that love to sleep on their stomach than you should always ensure that you at least sleep with your back aligned straight rather than being bent. This can help avoid many potential back problems as you grow older.

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD)

The Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) number on a mattress indicates the level of softness of firmness it has. The lower the ILD number the softer the mattress is and vice versa. The best type of mattresses for those that sleep on their stomach are often on the higher end of the ILD rating as they tend to be much firmer to help keep your body straight and flat.

Body Weight Index

Several other factors also need to be accounted for when selecting the best mattress for sleeping on your stomach. Your body weight, for example, can also dictate whether you need a softer or firmer mattress. Those that like to sleep on their stomach and are overweight should always consider buying a much firmer mattress to avoid sleep-related health problems in the future. 

Choosing the right mattress

They are many brands and many mattresses available on the market. Doing your research and accounting for your preferred sleeping style can make a big difference when it comes to selecting a mattress that is just right and can provide you with that unadulterated beauty sleep.

Healthy sleep is the key to a healthy life

Sleep is something that most of us take for granted without really thinking about how important it is for our continued survival. Sleep deprivation or sleep apnea is an illness that can cause many health problems if left untreated. 

Mild cases of sleep apnea are often caused because of poor sleep schedules, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, stress, and bad sleeping habits. Adhering to a fixed sleep schedule and having comfortable bedding suited to your sleeping style can result in better quality sleep that is vital for both body and mind.

Mattresses for stomach sleepers and their sleeping partners

It is hard enough finding the right mattress for your sleeping style than having to account for the sleeping style of your partner as well. In most cases, a compromise is often necessary in order for you to both get a comfortable and relaxing sleep. 

If you love sleeping on your stomach and your partner doesn’t that finding a mattress that is not too firm and not too soft is often the best way to go about things. However, if you and your partner both love sleeping on your stomach than getting a mattress that is relatively firm and doesn’t bend under weight would likely be your best choice.

Certain brands manufacture mattresses specifically for those that love to sleep on their stomachs. However, in most cases, any firmer mattress that is made from durable and safe materials would suffice in keeping you comfortable and your body straight and relaxed while sleeping on your stomach.


Getting a good nights sleep is so important for a healthy and productive life. Apart from adhering to a fixed sleep schedule and avoiding bad sleeping habits keeping your bedding comfortable and inviting is also crucial to getting high-quality sleep. 

Different sleeping styles demand different types of mattresses. Most people sleep on their side and prefer softer more comfortable mattresses that they can sink into. For those that sleep on their stomach, it is a completely different story. They require a much firmer mattress that doesn’t bend or sink under their weight in order to keep their back aligned straight to avoid back pain and sore muscles. 

Even a firm mattress can be comfortable depending on your body weight index and preferred IDL. It is always a good idea to test out different mattresses to see which one feels most comfortable within a predetermined IDL range. This will help you make a selection that is both comfortable as well as beneficial for your sleeping style.

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