6 Reasons Why Colostrum Helps Your Baby


The very first milk that produces in your breasts, during pregnancy, is called colostrum. The liquid that leaks during pregnancy (even just a little bit) is this liquid, which your body starts creating roughly 4-5 months into your pregnancy. It is either a clear fluid or a thick, creamy (and golden-brown) substance. There are a countless amount of mothers and scientists who call colostrum the “liquid gold” of foods that you can feed your baby. With your permission, I’d like to share a few reasons why your baby will benefit most from this liquid gold.

1. Full Of Nutrients

One reason it’s considered liquid gold is because it’s full of essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for your baby’s survival. We’re talking about calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, chromium, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin A, E, K, and the various B-vitamin families

2. Continuous Use

The World Health Organisation recommends that babies receive their food through breastfeeding for the first six months of their lives. Once solid foods are introduced, however, WHO states that your baby will be healthiest as a child (and adult) if they are breastfed up to their second year of living. The nutrients, vitamins, and benefits of colostrum do not recede over time; this is why you occasionally hear about mothers who still breastfeed their four-year-old.

3. Precious Beginnings

There are not many foods that newborn babies can digest – especially during the first few months of life. Luckily, Colostrum is one such food that fits the bill. Especially in the first few days of life, your baby needs the perfect food to help its growth. Colostrum, as well as colostrum supplements, is food that sets up your baby’s digestive system for the more mature milk and baby formula it will receive in the future.

4. Virus Fighters

Since your body and milk are plentiful with antibodies, you will create more antibodies the second you catch flu, virus or infection. Antibodies are a phenomenally positive thing, as they directly combat those infections. These antibodies, through your milk, are passed on to your baby. Thereby transferring all the benefits of antibodies to them, which only empowers them with health later on down the road. This prevents endless trips to the hospital or emergency room every time your baby gets sick, as some babies are prone to get fatally sicker than others.

5. Mental Strength

Everybody knows that the first three years of our life are critical; in fact, they are the most important years of our lives. This is because these three years, and how our parents raise us, determines brain development. This is because the brain during this time establishes billions of nerve connections. These nerve connections are responsible, literally, for “configuring” how a human perceives the world and behaves within the world. Colostrum is vital for fortifying the healthy development of brains because of the amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is scientifically-backed for helping brains grow.


One of the best things about giving your baby the beauty of colostrum is this: they don’t need a lot. Although our stomachs increase in size each day, babies’ stomachs are typically a bit larger than a pea. Over time it will grow into the size of a marble, then an egg, then a mouse, etc. This means your baby needs roughly 2-5 teaspoons of colostrum each day to start receiving all the benefits we’ve just talked about. This, ultimately, is how you start raising an intellectual, wise and fulfilled young baby with a bright future.

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Rinki Mallik
5 years ago

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