Discover the Key Advantages of Microblading Services


Microblading has turned into a key trend of late. Women across the world are reaping the perks of this safe and new means to make the eyebrows appear full sans any hassle of applying makeup. Simply put, this is a method to implant in the epidermis some hair-like strokes to get fuller brows. Such tattooing is the latest trend under the semi-permanent makeup. It has natural-looking results. Rather than outlining as well as filling the outline of the brows completely with color, this technique allows placement of strokes that are hair-like into the skin.

As opposed to traditional tattooing, it uses a manual blade that targets 3 skin layers. The pigment sits in the skin superficially making the strokes crisp and sharp that mimics the appearance of real hair. The new eyebrows will last somewhere amid 1-3 years depending on the exposure of the environment that it receives.

The Benefits in Abundance

Below are some benefits that have led to the immense popularity of Microblading service within a brief time,

  • Reduce the Time to Get Ready Every Morning- The very process of making oneself presentable is a tiresome and time-consuming process that every working woman faces. Microblading being a semi-permanent makeup will save them some time needed to fill the brows every time they step out of the house in order to appear presentable.


  • Offers Natural Looking Brows- This technique will prove advantageous for anyone suffering from scanty hair growth or hair loss in the eyebrows. Its natural crisp looking characteristics make it difficult to identify that one has undergone a procedure.


  • Smudge and Smear-free- It implants pigments into the skin’s initial 3 layers. Sans adding any makeup, one can take pleasure of any activity devoid of the stress to lose the look of the eyebrows.


  • Quick Process- Other eyebrow makeups take about 1-2 hours for that perfection. But with this, one needs to spend about 5 minutes daily.


  • Painless- During the first session, a numbing cream is applied that makes the process almost virtually pain-free. Clients experience that carving sensation when the pigment gets implemented in their skin.


  • Long Lasting- Microblading will last for about 1-3 years resting on environmental factors such as sun exposure. It is a semi-permanent technique that will change the eyebrows’ shape with new trends.


  • Pigment Maintains Color- As in case of a tattoo that may change color from black into green, this will not be the case with microblading. Here the pigments used are organic and made specifically to prevent the change of color. Over time it will gradually lose saturation cueing one to go for touch-up sessions.


  • Safe- The best part about microblading is it is incredibly safe in a professional’s hands. Above all, this process is minimally invasive with minimal downtime.

The bottom line is if you wish to reap the perks of this semi-permanent makeup feel free to get in touch with an expert at the earliest. They will guide you and ensure you look the best.

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