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Weddings are most prevalent in the spring and the beginning of the summer season. It’s getting close to that time of the year when brides will be sending out their invitations and making final plans to walk down the aisle. 

Guests will need to make their decisions as well. Hopefully, the invitation will indicate the dress, whether it should be formal or less so. Plus, when you receive a gift registry, do you need to stick with what’s on the list, or can you stray from that somewhat if you have an idea of your own.

Choosing an appropriate gift for a couple, particularly if you’re closer to being acquaintances than becoming familiar or comfortable at this point, can be tricky. 

Often the gift registry consists of items that can be less than budget-friendly for which an acquaintance might not feel as comfortable, preferring to get more of an intimate option. Learn wedding gifts you should not give at Let’s look at a few tips on gifting a couple for their wedding day.

Tips For Gifting A Couple For Their Wedding Day

Selecting the right wedding gift for a couple you don’t know very well can be challenging. While some couples will provide a gift registry, not everyone wants to choose these items simply because they aren’t always budget-friendly. 

Many individuals who are only acquainted with the bride and groom prefer to look for something that might not stress them financially but still be intimate. 

The problem when you’re not as familiar with the couple as some of the other guests is not knowing what they might need and having no understanding of their tastes. Check out a few tips to guide you towards ideal wedding gifts for your friends.

  • Familiarize yourself with the couple

The success of the gift will depend on familiarizing yourself with the couple, especially if you’re merely acquainted perhaps with one or the other. A good suggestion is to speak with mutual friends who might know them a bit better to get a few ideas or maybe family you might have met at a shower for the bride. 

Social media is also an excellent resource for gaining insight into the likes and dislikes of each person, particularly if there’s no one you can reach out to for purchasing advice.

  • Maintain a sensible budget

There are occasions when a bride and groom will request guests to abide by a certain budget or donate part of their proceeds to a charity. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s wise to maintain a sensible budget when choosing an appropriate gift, particularly as an acquaintance. 

If it were a loved one, you wouldn’t even want to overdo the budget because eventually, you would regret the choice.

Setting the maximum amount you plan to spend will also narrow down the choices to a degree. Budget is a primary consideration when selecting a wedding gift and should be considered carefully with a bit of research to ensure you’re getting an adequate amount.

  • Compose a list

Begin a list so that when ideas come to your mind, you can write them down until the day approaches. As the time passes, you can look over your thoughts and make them more personal if possible; if not, cross them off until the list grows smaller. 

The suggestion is that the item should be intimate but not too familiar since you’re not close with either person.

Not all gifts are suitable in a wedding setting. These are elegant affairs infused with loved ones that need to be respected and appreciated for the occasion it is. 

The gift should be memorable, so the pair thinks of you and their day when they see it. It shouldn’t be over the top; something original but not unusual. See here for guidance on proper wedding gift etiquette.

  • Make it notable

Ensure that you gift a bride and groom with an item that won’t be shoved into the back of a closet, never to be seen again, nor do you want to offer a gift that will be used and disappear with no more thought like edibles. Memorable suggestions include:

  1. For this option, you would need to gather a group of people to go in with you since you’re an acquaintance, and it’s a huge deal. Still, sponsoring the honeymoon is a perfect gift to present to a bride and groom, one not soon forgotten.
  2. You can also opt to participate with items for the wedding itself. Perhaps you can pay for the cake, buy the wine, and help with the flower arrangements, candles, or centerpieces, something that will help with their special day and prove memorable.

Final Thought

Everyone wants to give the best wedding gift a bride and groom will find memorable as they look back on their special day. These tokens can be budget-friendly, especially if you partner with other guests to do something a bit more intimate, albeit significant, like helping with the wedding or honeymoon. 

The important thing, the guests’ job, is to ensure the couple has a day they’ll not soon forget.

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