Bride robe: A wedding trousseau essential


Weddings are splendid events. It is generally a, once in a lifetime affair. It binds two persons together forever, in a bond of love, fidelity, faith, and friendship. It is a promise to be there for each other in happy as well as adverse situations. Well, different cultures have different wedding traditions, though each having the same symbolism- the union of two souls. In the west, brides usually wear white wedding gowns, popularized by Queen Victoria, and brides of eastern culture choose to wear red outfits, which signify auspiciousness.

Months of tedious and continual planning curates a beautiful wedding. The entire process of wedding planning is a tad bit crazy. It starts with contemplating the wedding, and then organizing things, for that dream to become a reality. It is always better to hire wedding planners, as they are experts in coordinating things or details of the wedding in congruity with dates and budget. You have to constantly meet up and work closely with the planners so that everything happens, the way you want it to, and is in accordance with your dream wedding. The most important things you need to decide on are venues, florists, food caterers, outfits for the ceremonies, and jewelry. But the brides often tend to overlook basic yet requisite details like casual clothes and bride robes.

Why are bridal robes necessary?

Bride robe serves many purposes. Most importantly, it has now categorized as ‘getting-ready’ garments. The robes are available in various types of materials like floral, lace, cotton, jersey, silk, and satin. Though silk and satin are preferred most, due to its lush fabric and lustrous look. You can add a personal touch to your robes, by customizing it. You can get these robes for bridesmaids as well, as perfect giveaways. It is a necessary item, especially when you are getting ready for the ceremonies. You might get your make-up and hairdo done wearing a t-shirt, but you can’t mess them up by pulling that top off. It is also a timeless favorite of the bridal party, which can be stored or kept, and reused again.

How to reuse bridal or bridesmaid robes?

  1. You can wear it at a spa. Getting a massage done is one of the best ways to treat and relax oneself. A robe is perfect wear, to stay comfortable and cool throughout the day and get yourself pampered.
  2. You can also use it as a breezy and light swimsuit cover-up. These are very cozy, and swimsuit cover-ups are also in trend. It is easily removable too.

Tricks to pick the perfect robes according to your needs:

  1. A luxurious robe is a thoughtful gift. But do keep your budget in mind, before you go for these.
  2. Consider the season you are getting married in, as it inspires the color theme of your robes. For a summer or spring wedding, go for pastel and bright bridal robes. A fall or a winter wedding will call for deep hues or tones which will complement the colors of the cool months.

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