Why your ‘I Do’ Should be at Ayana Resort and Spa.


Most of us dream of having that perfect wedding at that perfect romantic venue with all our friends and family happy for us. This is due to the fact that most people wed only once in their lifetime. Ayana Resort and Spa are keen to ensure that this dream is transformed into a reality.

Reason 1: Amazing Ocean view and Sunset.

Located on the clifftop of the Bukit Peninsula, the hotel overlooks the Indian ocean blending in an amazing ocean view with a majestic sunset view.  Is there anything more romantic? To top it all the hotel has a white sand beach, the perfect environment to tie the knot.

Reason 2: Word class Facilities and services.

Perfection is found in the details and details is Ayana’s second name. The hotel has a well-trained team to help with your wedding preparations and decorations. They also provide a horse and carriage take off to the reception and a balloon or a dove release based on your preference. There are also 12 swimming pools, free wi-fi all-round the premise and a kid playing club.  All these facilities ensure that your guests are comfortable during your wedding ceremony.

Reason 3: Wedding Venues and reception.

Are looking forward to an indoor or outdoor wedding? Or do you prefer a wedding with a little touch of both? luxury hotels bali has got you covered. The hotel has been known to have the best wedding venues, the best afterparties and even the best wedding planners. It has numerous breathtaking venues each designed with a unique blend set aside for weddings and receptions thus giving you a variety of options to choose from based on your tastes and likes. This includes the Iconic Rock Bar which stands in the cliff facing the Indian Ocean and was recognized as one of the top 30 best bars in the world and serving a wide variety of dishes from around the world. There are also private beaches and beach clubs where the guests can have fun.

Reason 4: The Villas of Ayana

The Ayana Resort and Spa divides its Villas as either a Cliff villa or an Ocean villa. Each of these Villas has numerous two bedroom and one bedroomed villa each of them luxurious and secluded ensuring privacy while offering a magnificent view of the ocean. The rooms are well furnished with a comfortable dining area and an incredible bathroom. There are also family villas which are well furnished, spacious and fitted with a private pool and a gazebo. These provides a perfect heaven for you and your partner while ensuring that the guests are having the time of their lives.

Reason 5: Spa and Treatment offers.

Ayana Resort and Spa has over the years, been on the frontline in offering the best massages and other therapeutic treatments and is arguably the best spa in the world. The employees there are trained in using ancient methods to relax their clients. The Spa villas are designed to match the environment giving the client a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The hotel gives the bride and groom to be these services at a very ridiculous price!

Reason 6:  Accommodation and Dining offers.

Ayana Resort and Spa offers some of the best deals you can find. The hotel offers a 20% discount off the room if booked early. They also give a 50% discount when booking your second room! Where on earth can you find such a deal? Such an offer makes it cheaper for your friends and family to afford a night at this luxurious hotel. They also have spontaneous and romantic candle-light dinners for couples and delicacies from all over the world. Their dining offer also includes some cooking lessons ensuring the customers learn how to prepare world-class delicacies.


Weddings are occasions that come once in a lifetime and are some of the moments that we never get to erase from our memories. We should therefore make sure that we save up the best memories for this day. There’s certainly no better place than Ayana Resort and Spa to create this memory.

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