Take Your Pedicure to a Whole New Level With PediSox!


I love getting pedicures, but they can get pricey pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and let someone else do all the work. But sometimes, it’s nice to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home, and Pedi-Sox can help. 

Pedi-Sox were developed by Pamela Berryhill, a wife and mother, just like you! All she wanted was a simple way to keep her feet warm and clean after her pedicure. Standard socks obviously won’t do because they cover the toes and are often very restrictive. So, she invented Pedi-Sox. 

The benefits of Pedi-Sox are amazing:

  • They keep your feet warm and cozy after your manicure during the cold, winter months or even in the summer in your chilly, air conditioned house.
  • They’ll keep your clean while your polish dries. No yucky dirt and hair stuck to your freshly manicured feet!
  • Apply moisturizer or the SofSpa Softening Creme before hand and the sox will help aid in the absorption. 
  • In conjunction with the moisturizer, they help repair dry, cracked heels and soften calluses.
  • Your toenails will dry flawlessly!

Pedi-Sox come in four different styles: Original, Lite, Ultra and Spa Deluxe. The Original, Lite and Ultra styles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit your own personal style!


The Original Pedi-Sox are a great fit for any size feet. They’re made from a triple weave, heavy-weight, thick, cotton blend. These sox work well in cold climates and are machine washable.



The Lite sox are made from a lighter weight, stretchy acrylic and nylon blend, making them perfect for warmer weather or year round use. Because they hug your feet, these sox are ideal for use with moisturizers, lotions or the SofSpa Softening Creme. 


The Ultra sox are made from super soft, luxury and contemporary yarn for ultimate style! These sox are Ultra massaging, Ultra softening and Ultra luxurious. 

Spa Deluxe

The Spa Deluxe Pedi-Sox were designed specifically for luxury spas around the world. They’re made from cotton blend Hydrotech threads that allow for perfect breathability. They feature an inner terry loop for added comfort, an elegant design for style, and a unique fit for maximum comfort. The hollow core threads hold in moisture for ideal cream and moisturizer absorption and then gradually release to give you smooth, baby soft skin. 


Try any of the Pedi-Sox with the SofSpa Softening Creme. It absorbs slowly and penetrates deep for a long-lasting softness that will make you feel like you paid luxury spa prices for it! Your feet will thank you! SofSpa Softening Creme can also be used on your hands, feet or anywhere else on your body for that same soft feeling. 


So before you plan your next pedicure, pick up some Pedi-Sox and treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience, right in the comfort of your own home!

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Jamie H
7 years ago

I love a good pedicure, but you’re right that they can get pretty expensive! I wish I could afford them more often, but since I can’t, I definitely have to do my best to take care of them when I do get one. I love the socks with the hearts on them– so cute!

Heather @ Country Life, City Wife

Oh these look fantastic. I love my regular pedis, but gosh dang it’s been forever since I’ve had one. I’ve been just so crazy busy. Such a good reminder that it’s time for ME time!

Censie Sawyer
7 years ago

Why have I never thought of this? I am in need of a pedi – my feet are terrible in the winter time. I love pedicures but I agree, it is hard to keep your feet warm and clean while your nail polish drys. I am totally putting these on my wish list!

Jamie | Makeup Life and Love

Ohhhhhh these look amazing. I am with you I totally LOVE a good pedicure but geeze they can be costly if you get them all the time. This literally looks amazing. I think the Blueberry pair are calling my name. Wonderful product!

Bradley Finnearty
7 years ago

My wife loves to do her toenails and does not like to have to put socks on after doing them. I know she will want a pair of these.

Deborah Cruz
7 years ago

Wow, I have never heard of these before but they definitely would be great for when you get a pedicure at a spa in the winter months. I’ve only ever seen the bliss moisturizing socks but they are only for moisturizing your feet. They don’t work at all when you get a pedicure. The pedi sox are perfect for keeping your pedicure on point.

Mommy Hates Cooking
7 years ago

Where have these been all of my life?! I love a good pedicure. Perfectly painted toes and soft feet make me happy. Doing them at home is far more cost effective than paying someone to do it. These socks are such a great idea!

Tiffany Hathorn
7 years ago

This sounds like a really good idea! I know that the heels of my feet could use a bit of intense moisturizing. Thanks for sharing! I am going to go check out their website. It might be my next self-care splurge

Tiffany Hathorn
7 years ago

This sounds like a really good idea! I know that the heels of my feet could use a bit of intense moisturizing. Thanks for sharing! I am going to go check out their website. It might be my next self-care splurge.

7 years ago

I love getting pedicures too. During the winter months, I only go get them once a month since no one will see my feet anyways lol. I love the concept of these socks, however, since I get gel pedicures I don’t really have to wait for my feet to dry since they dry automatically under the UV lamp.