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We are having so much fun with Click And Grow.  It’s been nearly 2 weeks, and look how big our plants have gotten (picture below).  We love Click And Grow, and putting fresh herbs in our foods, and drinks.  The Click And Grow is at my Mother in Law’s house, because she has a bay window, and that is where the most light comes in.  Then, at night, we turn on the light that is with Click And Grow, to continue the lighting through the night.  You can use the light all day and night, but we chose to do it this way.  I love how fast the plants are growing.  We are even considering trimming some Basil for our homemade Spaghetti sauce later this week.  This picture (below) was actually taken a few days ago.  You should see the plants now.  They have doubled in size, and more is growing out.


Click And Grow is also great if you are on a health kick.  Growing your own herbs at home is a great idea.  You know exactly what is in them this way.  And Fresh herbs are better than the bottled ones anyway. 

Click And Grow is so much fun too.  It’ll give your child something to do, worth while.  My daughter loves going down and checking to see if the plants need water.  Which, there is a water reservoir that keeps the plants watered for approximately 3 weeks.  We’ve just filled the reservoir yesterday. 


By the time my plants are done, they will look like the picture above.  I can’t wait to see them this big.  I’m guessing it will only take a few more weeks to get them this big.

This is the first time my mother in law has been able to grow anything.   She is so happy that she has fresh herbs growing in her home.  She’s always wanted to grow them, but was leery because she couldn’t even keep tulips alive.  This has to do with the reservoir, I’m sure.  It waters the plants perfectly. 

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