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The internet has brought in an era of freedom and unmitigated access to content and information. And I often worry about what kids in general are exposed to online. That’s how I got to know of Mobicip; which is the best way to surf through the ever-raging web and protect the family and children from all things gross, vulgar and uncultured online. Mobicip turns parental control cool!! Now parents can ditch the guilt trip of peering over their kids’ shoulders, scouring over browsing history or even nagging them to put down their phones. With Mobicip, I can manage parental controls over multiple devices, customizing levels of screening depending on age and keep tabs from my iPhone or device of choice.

mobi3     Once enabled on the home devices, Mobicip’s easy web-based Monitor dashboard will allow parents to manage overall internet usage and experience. From the comfort of my personal iOS device (or other devices) I can choose what to block and what to allow. Say Youtube was blocked during study hours, but Junior wants to see a video on rockets and space science for his class, all he has to do is ask to view it and I could give him selective access. Mobicip allows children to request a review on blocked content; and parents can then take a call on the request in real time and decide instantaneously.  mobi Ever wondered what apps your children spend their time on and what these apps are about? Mobicip’s app review feature provides info on the go about rating, price and category; a seamless add-on to Google Play’s own family friendly control features. I can track app usage and even better set appropriate time limits for each user by managing individual profiles in the Monitor app; so I’d know if the kids were playing or texting late into the night and spoiling their sleep. Parents can get weekly reports on the family’s browsing history via email too. mobi1 mobi2     Children are too smart for their own good at times; and parents are worried to no end as kids can easily come across unhealthy content online. I can now effectively control content by blocking, categorizing access or blacklisting specific keywords; I can even customize filter settings for each individual user profile. I can track internet usage over multiple devices too.

Mobicip allows parents to be proactive and still provide a private atmosphere; kids can have their freedom but with some discipline around.

Mobicip filters intelligently and constantly improves protection. The basic version gives a great preview of Mobicip’s capabilities, so I can always upgrade later.

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