Stuck For a Gift For Your Teen Daughter? Check Out These Ideas


If you have got teenage daughters, then it can be tricky to know what to get them for gifts. Their taste can change often and what you thought was cool won’t be after a couple of weeks. Keeping up can be tough! So it is good to have some go-to ideas that will work for your teen daughter. So here are some general ideas, then you can then adapt to your daughter, their age and their interests.



Even if you haven’t got the girliest of teenage girls, pretty much all of them would appreciate some kind of makeup related gift. It might be that it is just a set of lip balms or body butters, for example. Or you could get them an eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. They are really popular palettes, so hopefully you wouldn’t be going too far wrong getting them one of those. A few lip colors or a brush set is also a good idea. The latter works so that they can choose their own makeup but you still got them a gift that was related to it.

Lounge-wear or Pajamas

We all love to chill out and watch a movie in our sweats, right? No one more so than our teens. So if they have some new lounge-wear or pajamas to wear, then it is always a good combination. You know that it is something they will get use of. Plus, as they are only worn at home pretty much, it doesn’t matter if the color isn’t exactly what they would have chosen. These teens can be fussy! You could get them some lounge-wear from somewhere that they don’t normally shop, like the Victoria’s Secret PINK range or from Ann Summers perhaps. It will help them feel more stylish and a little more grown up. So great if your teen is in their late teens.




If there is a touch screen, then it seems that that is what it takes to get our teen’s attention these days. So a new phone, tablet or e-reader is always a good idea. The latter could even help with their school work, and they can all be taken on to college. If they are near to going to college, then you could invest in a new laptop for them. Macbooks seem to be the route to go down for millennials, but obviously, just choose something that is related to your budget and what you can afford.

Bedroom Accessories

Our teenagers like to spend a lot of time in their room. So as a result, they want to have it looking good. All their friends will see their room, so the more stylish, cool and fun it can be, the better. So if there are some fun accessories that you could get them for their room, it is a great idea. It could be photo frames, trinkets, vases and faux flowers. So just look out for the style of things that they love and go from there.

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