Starting a Family Thanks to Sperm Donation


Whereas getting pregnant can seem easy for some people, this is not the case for others whose dearest dream is to start a family. More and more women who see their biological clock ticking but have not yet found their life partner are making the decision to have a baby anyway. Others might be in a relationship but their spouse or boyfriend has fertility troubles, making natural conception almost impossible.

Today, sperm donation and assisted reproduction techniques help many single women and infertile couples to eventually fulfill their wish of becoming parents. Whether they are going through the process with a father or without, experiencing fertility problems or perimenopause or not, they are all willing to start a new adventure – one sometimes full of obstacles – in order to have a child of their own.

The journey of finding a sperm donor

Single women or couples who want a baby can find a sperm donor in many places. Some might opt for the anonymity and the privacy of a sperm bank or a fertility clinic. This is a safe solution as the semen is always thoroughly screened by a medical team. Others prefer to ask someone they know, for example, a relative or a close friend. This is a personal decision.

As the demand for donation is high, some websites offer future parents the opportunity to find a donor online via a dedicated platform. The advantage of this solution is being able to read different profiles, followed by chatting and meeting your potential donor in person in order to ensure that he is the right match for you.

Artificial insemination, at-home insemination or IVF: Which method to choose?

Once they’ve found their donor and have completed all the necessary health checks, the parents-to-be face several choices. The right method for becoming pregnant can depend on the woman’s age and whether she is experiencing any fertility troubles. One popular option is to perform an at-home insemination with a conception kit that contains everything you need for the process. After collecting the sample, the woman can inseminate herself with a needleless syringe in the comfort of her own bedroom, for instance.

Another solution is to go to a fertility clinic and let the medical staff perform the insemination. One way or another, it’s important to seek medical advice from professionals beforehand. Reading blog posts might not be enough to know everything you need.

If several attempts at artificial insemination do not work, the mom-to-be may have IVF (in vitro fertilization) recommended to her. Her eggs (or those of a donor, depending on her fertility issues) will be fertilized by sperm in a laboratory before being transferred to her womb.

Choosing a donor who plays a role in the child’s life

If you select a donor from a sperm bank, you probably don’t want the father to be involved in your child’s life. Sometimes, single women or couples (for instance, same-sex couples) might want something a little different.

Opting for a known donor, such as a friend or a donor found via the internet, gives the parent-to-be the option of deciding whether the donor will have responsibilities and rights towards their child. The single woman or the couple can decide to co-parent with the biological father and bring up their kid together. For some men, the act of donating sperm goes beyond just giving semen to someone in need. It is a true commitment and a desire to become a dad.

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Becky Miller
4 years ago

Very interesting article. I never realized there was a way to do the insemination at home. I see that there is a definite benefit to meeting and knowing the father, if only for medical history reasons.

Author Brandi Kennedy
4 years ago

I love that this topic is getting so much more buzz, and that there are blogs like this one out there trying to spread awareness. I had a friend several years ago who suffered through this and was constantly heartbroken over the unmet desire to have a child – eventually her marriage failed, but it was so hard to see her hurting that way.

Amber Myers
4 years ago

I’m so glad there are places like this that can help people start a family! I think it would be nice to have the father around, because a kid will start to ask questions.

Kim Andrysczyk
4 years ago

Very informative. An important topic to know about. It’s also possible to get an egg donation.

4 years ago

This is interesting info for anyone considering going this route. I’ve never really explored all the options that are out there nowadays

David Elliott
4 years ago

These are all things to think about when you go the artificial insemination route. I can’t imagine making that choice but this is very useful for those considering doing so.

Jay Colby
4 years ago

Very interesting article. I’m happy you’re shining a light on this issue.

4 years ago

I think this is a good option for those wanting to starting a family but couldn’t. This is interesting because it hasn’t occurred to me that there is also an option for the biological father to take part in the whole process.

4 years ago

Being a mother, I appreciate anyone who wants the experience of motherhood.

4 years ago

I always thought that I would have to go this direction because TTC naturally wasn’t working for my family. We did wind up conceiving. But my heart goes out to all of the people who put so much time and effort into finding the perfect donor for their perfect little child!

Enricoh Alfonzo
4 years ago

such a fascinating and informative post! I plan on having tons of kids one day so this and adoption are definitely on my list.

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O.
4 years ago

I’ve never had an experience with sperm donation. I think it’s a good choice though for women who would like to start a family without having to look for a spouse or anything like that.

Carol Cassara
4 years ago

I’ve never really given much thought about sperm donation, nor have I had any experience with it. Couples who have issues with fertility though can really benefit from this.

4 years ago

It is good to know that there are alternatives available today. Not all couples are successful in having a baby so this is a second alternative to them. Would prefer though to meet first the donor just to check with him his history further.

azoospermia treatment
4 years ago

Nice post. It is very helpful for those males who have infertility issues.