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sphinx1Castle & Bay makes this fabulous product that can be used in multiple ways.

The Sphinx can be used on the beach, when reading at home, for yoga, or even just lounging. 

It’s very comfy, and my mother in law uses it when laying on the couch, and reading a good book.  She props her book up and lays on the top part.

The Sphinx can easily be transported anywhere you are going, because it comes in a nice little bag, and you can blow it up, in no time, once you get where you are going.

The Sphinx is $49.95, and well worth it.  You will have comfort like you’ve never felt before.

Incase you are wondering, The Sphinx has been tested to hold 300 pounds, also, there is a repair quit included for small punctures.  It is made of 3mm PVC and flocked vinyl.


Castle & Bay™ is a commercial provider of ergonomic loungers, beach loungers and swimming pool loungers focused on relaxation and enjoyment. Castle & Bay™ developed the Sphinx Personal Lounger™ and may offer other future loungers and flotation products. The Sphinx Personal Lounger™ is a high-grade, ergonomically designed lounger made of 3mm PVC and flocked vinyl designed to give support and relaxation on land or in the water. It is comprised of a soft chest piece/pillow head rest covered with soft flocked vinyl that has arm rests and a triangular media holder that has its own cup holder, strap that holds book pages secure and a small storage space/cooler and this piece can be used as a bolster for the knees as well. The product is inflatable with a few short breaths and folds to “notebook” size, for ease of transportation. The design is patent protected and can be used in multiple settings.”




This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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