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Ever since the merger of Bright House, Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable, there have been murmurs in every room. The birth of Spectrum started chatters and there were several questions all around like concerns over quality, services, speeds, and rates.

This is exactly what happens when a new player enters the market. The question arises, is Spectrum really a new player? The name is certainly new but the forces behind it are all known entities. Coming together of such huge names should only add to the confidence and not raise any concerns. The brain thinks what it thinks, right? To answer those concerns, here are a few things that you must know about Spectrum Internet.

Spectrum internet plans

Like any other internet, Spectrum offers multiple internet options these plans primarily differentiate in speeds. Ideally, you would want speeds that suit your needs. Getting faster connection for simple use would only add as a burden on your pocket and the bandwidth you pay for would go to waste. On the other hand, if you get a connection with slower speed while you fancy streaming or online gaming, trust me you got yourself a big hassle. In this case, you will not be able to enjoy your internet experience to the fullest.

Spectrum Internet offers speeds suitable to meagre tasks such as surfing and scrolling social media all the way up to gigabit speeds. Gbps speeds can handle anything. The fastest internet connection on fiber-optic lines gets you all the speeds, the stability that one can only dream of.

Features offered

Another thing that you need to know about an internet connection is what it has to offer. Not just the price, speed or type of connection but also features. Here is what you get with a spectrum internet package:

·        Contract Buyout

Every time you sign up with a provider, there’s a contract involved. Chances are you signed a long term contract looking for better prices. Once you’ve signed up and got the services installed, you regret it. You pick up the phone and complain about the below par service that you are getting. You go through this over and over again before you finally decide to get rid of it.

You muster the courage and make the call. You start to let the anger flow and then finally say those words, “I don’t want your services anymore!!”. The next thing you know is you’re referred to another department, long wait and then you hear a voice asking about your troubles, then moving you on to another representative and when finally you’ve had enough you get to hear about the early termination fee.

Whether you like the services or not, you have used them or not, now that you want to get rid of them you will have to pay for telling them that their services are not worth it. You feel you’re stuck, and can’t seem to find a way out. Then comes Spectrum to the rescue, with their contract buyout offer. Get in touch with them and find out how much can they cover. Hint, they cover up to $500!

·        Free Security Suite

With so many data breaches you wonder what you can do to improve your cybersecurity. The corporations invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and to no avail. How fragile would your security be? Relax; you don’t have any significant data that anyone would particularly want. All you need is a simple security suite and you are all set.

This sounds like an additional cost and why should you bear it? The ever-increasing prices and fast speeds come at a cost and getting a security suite is not a cherry on the top. It is extra dollars out of your pocket. Spectrum on the other hand offers MacAfee powered security suite, free of cost, to every internet connection. They buy you your freedom and then get you a secure service unreal! Isn’t it?

·        Free WIFI on the go

With all the swelling expenses, slow economy, and inflation, the last thing you want to hear about is further expenditure. In this age of internet and connectivity, you cannot live without mobile data and buying it is a tad bit expensive.

How about an internet that gets you WIFI on the go? With Spectrum internet, you get thousands of WIFI hotspots all around the country. No matter where you go, all you need to do is look for the nearest hotspot via the app and connect. Once connected, enjoy free and unlimited internet for as long as you wish!

·        Option to Bundle

Most of us don’t have just the internet at our homes. You will also have Cable TV and phone lines as well. The most popular combination is the internet with cable TV. Why get two services with two different providers? Spectrum offers various internet bundles that get you services perfectly suited to your needs. Combine internet and TV you get a double play and combining all three services gets you a triple play bundle.

Why bundle? It offers ease of a single bill. You will not have to track multiple due dates and run around to pay them every other day. More importantly, you get to save a lot of money. Getting internet, TV, and the phone gets you three services in a fraction of the price that you would have to pay for standalone services.

·        No data caps

When it comes to the internet, most people only go for speeds. They ignore all the other aspects of a good internet connection. A little dogging and you will know that there’s a lot more than speed. If you are someone who likes to stream or play online games, the need for speed is just the beginning.

Internet is about communication that happens via sharing data. This includes both downloads and uploads as well. This takes us to the point where most providers offer limited data packages which when consumed; you will have to suffer through slower speeds or total disconnection. Spectrum on the other hand offer freedom of no data caps. Use as much data as you want and never fear slower speeds or extra data charges!

·        Free Modem

Free is always good. In this age of expensive goodies, free is nothing short of a blessing. When it comes to providers and services, frees and extras are almost non-existent. Hardware in an internet connection is a great opportunity for the provider to earn. Rent the modem and keep earning, make more than the actual cost itself.

Spectrum Internet offers DOCSIS 3.0 technology modems free of cost. Amazing speeds, and secure connection that too on a free modem!


An internet connection needs to be more than fast. Spectrum internet from Local Cable Deals covers all the needs and facilitates that you want. Fast speeds, secure connection, amazing features at no extra cost. Combine with the freedom that gets you out of subpar services and you have an ideal provider with an internet connection that makes your dreams come true!

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