Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair from Best Buy, washing just became a breeze! @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #bbysamsung


Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to review the new Samsung ActiveWash washer and dryer from Best Buy! Doing my laundry has never been something I like to do. I enjoy cleaning but laundry, whew that has always been one chore I so disliked until my Samsung ActiveWash washer and dryer from Best Buy came in and changed my mind!

I had already had a washer and dryer but let me just say, both were hanging by a thread. I knew it was just a matter of time that they both would be done for they were both so old.

Once the company called to schedule the installers it really settled in that this set was really coming to my home. The installers arrived on time and were so professional, they made sure all measurements were correct and they seen to it that whatever was needed to make sure my washer and dryer would work properly was taken care of..



Samsung ActiveWash Washer…WOW

The first thing that caught my eye was how large the capacity was. The drum is real deep and will allow you to wash up to 3 laundry baskets of clothes in one load, that’s large indeed. I find this feature to be fantastic since I have so many comforter sets that needs to be washed. I use to go to the laundry place just to wash all my comforters but now I can do it in the comfort of my home with the Samsung ActiveWasher. Actually that’s what I ended up washing first, a few comforters and in doing so I still had space left in the washer to add a few more items if I needed too.


With a large capacity washer like this knocking out a few loads can be a breeze in one setting. It’ll save time and energy, wouldn’t you agree? I also noticed that the Swirl Drum also has a unique design with small holes to help prevent your delicate clothes from getting caught and damaged another plus for this washer.

But hold on to your seat this Samsung ActiveWash Washer even has a dedicated sink and water jet which provides a convenient and unique space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes. Now this is awesome, being able to pre-treat my clothing and hand-wash my delicate clothing, wow this is a win, win, feature indeed!


I can truly say this washer is extremely quiet, my poor old washer was so loud lol! The quietness is all due to VRT™ (Vibration Reduction Technology) this technology helps reduces noise and vibration during washing, even with heavy loads and on high spin speed.


The Samsung ActiveWash Washer also has a Steam Wash cycle that releases steam from the bottom of the laundry tub, saturating every item in the load and leading to an even deeper clean. An internal heater helps keep your water temp exactly where you need it and a sanitize cycle works to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria in each laundry load. The Aquajet feature forces out dirty water as clean water pours in to deliver a better, cleaner wash. In addition to all of that, the Self Clean technology keeps this baby fresh without the use of harsh chemicals and also sends you reminders to clean the tub every 40 wash cycles.This washer has 12 different washing cycles :samsungwaher2I have not had a chance to use all 12 cycles but I’m sure within the next few months I will be giving them all a try.The SamsungActive Washer features:

5.0 cu. ft. Capacity DOE Features • activewash™ • Integrated Touch Controls • Super Speed • VRT™ – Vibration Reduction Technology • Self Clean • Smart Care • Diamond Drum Design • EZ Drawer Dispenser • 1100 RPM Maximum Spin Speed • Stainless Steel Pulsator • Direct Drive Motor • 12 Preset Wash Cycles • 10 Options • LED Display: Ice Blue • Door Lid: Transparent Curved Glass.


Now on to the Samsung 7.4 cu. ft Large Capacity (Electric) Front Load Dryer.

Another great Samsung product that I adore! This dryer is also large and has many features! This 7.4 cu. ft front load dryer can definitely handle your large drying loads and help you save money and time.


It also has 5 temperature setting and 12 drying cycles which includes refresh, heavy duty, steam sanitize, wrinkle away, perm press, delicates and bedding, you will surely give your clothing the care it needs when dryings My favorite feature is the Vent Sensor that detects any problems with your vent and shuts down in the event of a clogged vent to prevent potential fires. This dryer also features a reversible door to accommodate your laundry space and a moisture sensor to ensure that your clothes are dried to perfection.

Samsung Vent sensor

There are two specific features Multi-Steam Technology allows you to reduce and remove wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static with just a simple hook-up to your existing water supply for your washer. No water reservoir to fill up and you can steam away your wrinkles and spend less time ironing and take fewer clothes to the dry cleaners. The Steam Dry cycles include; Refresh, Wrinkle Away and Steam Sanitize. This is a very handy feature when you need something to wear and limited time to iron. The dry is also equipped with a dryer rack, the dryer rack is easily installed and allows you to dry sneakers, sweaters and much more without ruining them with the tumbling.

The Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair from Best Buy will help you save money and help to keep the environment fresh and clean plus with the Samsung’s patented Eco Dry technology you can save up to $4,500 over the lifetime of the washer and dryer. With up to 25% less energy use on every load, Eco Dry offers superior drying power while saving money in the long run. Samsung also offers Smart Care on both , this is where you can get a diagnosis of your washer right from your smart phone. This will allow a convenient way and easy access to trouble shooting options.

We are in love with the Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair from Best Buy. Washing for me has now been a breeze, I can truly say I love washing and drying with my new set. It’s no longer a chore I dislike! Both Samsung Washer and Dryer have some wonderful features that will save me money and time!

Dryer Features:

  • 12 drying cycles including refresh, heavy duty, steam sanitize, wrinkle away, permanent press, delicates and bedding.
  • Vent Sensor shuts down in the event of a clogged vent to prevent potential fires.
  • Steam Dry will help keep your clothes refreshed.
  • Features 4 – way venting options and a moisture sensor for dryness control.
  • Estar qualifications saves you up to 25% in annual energy costs.
  • Eco Dry
  • Smart Care
  • Stainless Steel Drum

Actually, I’m floored with my new Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair. Don’t wait, visit the Best Buy website and check out the complete line of new Samsung appliances!


Disclaimer:The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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