A Last Minute Holiday Checklist for Travel-Savvy Moms


When you’re looking for a vacation on a shoestring, you can’t afford to turn down last minute holidays; often these are the best deals. But then reality hits. Whether you’re flitting to Florida or jetting off to Europe for a cultural odyssey, a lot of organisation and planning goes into the family vacation.

Take the trauma out of travel with these important last minute considerations for your holiday checklist.

On the day of your booking

When you’re making your final booking, whether online or with an agent, there are a few little things you have to get absolutely correct.

Have everyone’s passport handy, so you can enter each name exactly as it appears on the document. Then, if possible, check in online so there’s one less thing to worry about on arriving at the airport. Always double check the flight schedule 24 hours before leaving for the airport to ensure flight times haven’t been amended, and print your boarding passes out at home.

Manage your baggage

When you’re traveling with a pack of suitcases, use luggage tags, or tie something bright and characteristic to each case so it’s easy to identify when you have to retrieve it at baggage reclaim.

Always take sticky labels and a black marker pen with you. Clearly write the flight number and the destination on a label and place one on the outside, and one on the inside of each case, along with your full name. This will help your bags get to where they’re going, and if they do become misplaced, they’re more likely to be returned to you when you get home.

The morning of departure

It’s amazing how many people still fail to prepare correctly for security at the airport. Dress in loose, comfortable clothes, avoid layering coats and jumpers, and make sure your little ones are wearing shoes that can easily slip off.

Remember, you won’t be allowed to take liquids through security, so stow makeup and any other cosmetic bottles in your main luggage. Check everyone has their passports, then, check again!

On arrival at the airport

On the day of departure, once you’ve checked your bags, aced security and made it to the departure lounge, the kids might be getting a little antsy. Make sure there are plenty of puzzle books, toys, and snacks to keep them amused, and listen out for early boarding calls; usually families with young children are given the chance to board first.

There’s no reason you can’t have that last minute getaway of your dreams, and build a few wonderful memories into the bargain.

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