Signs Your Home Has Hard Water Problems


There are many cases in which people just feel that there is something really wrong with their tap water supply. In most cases, this is because of hard water problems. They can be a huge hassle for the new homeowners, especially when they are not familiar at all with them.

Understanding Hard Water

Tap water is not actually pure H2O, as we learn in chemistry school. Hard water is water that includes a high amount of minerals. Usually, groundwater percolates through the limestone in the ground. It picks up magnesium and calcium. Then, there are trace minerals that come from the soil, rivers, lakes and sometimes plumbing. There are even locations where hard water includes aluminum or manganese.

The big problem with hard water, according to plumbers Canberra, is that they sometimes include really harmful bacteria. This has to be avoided at all costs.

If you suspect you have hard water, there are things that have to be done. Identify it by following the signs below.

Water Smells Or Tastes Funny

Usually, this happens when you have some water conditioning problems. It almost always means you have hard water or the water supply is contaminated.

As a simple example, if water has a metallic taste, it usually is because there is way too much iron in it. When water smells as if it was rotten eggs, there is too much hydrogen sulfide in it or there are bacteria that react with the present magnesium in order to form some sulfates.

Strange Stains

Reddish or brown stains that appear on porcelain is a sign that you have hard water. Such stains usually look like rust because there is too much iron in your water supply. The iron usually appears because pipes are rusty. A lot of good-quality elbow grease is usually needed to remove such spots.

Soap Scum

When you often find yourself cleaning up some soap scum in your bathroom, you most likely have hard water. The soap scum is actually calcium that is left behind as the water evaporates. Such soap scum tends to accumulate everywhere since hard water minerals and soap do not react well when mixed.

Look at your dishes after you wash them or you put them through a dishwasher program. If they are still spotty, your water is most likely the problem.

It should also be mentioned that because of the reaction between minerals and soap, your shower will also be unpleasant. Basically, hard water is present when you just cannot seem to remove all the soap.

Pipes Are Often Clogged

It is not just the showerhead that can be dogged up due to the presence of hard water. Other plumbing issues can appear. When there are scale deposits that build up inside the pipes, it is similar to artery plaque. Water flow is constricted and backups appear. When you see that clogs often appear in pipes, it may be due to the presence of hard water. The plumber can check the water and let you know if this is the case or not.

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