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My daughter gets a little mixed up about some stuff. “I get to go to bed early.” When she really means “late.” Or “one plus one makes eleven.” Those mixups are easy to correct. Some mixups are a little harder to correct. “I have a pain in my pancreas” as she points to her shoulder. And no I don’t know how she knows what her pancreas is. Frankly, I don’t know where my pancreas is or what it’s for. Well I didn’t, but I just googled it to find out, so now I know. But it’s a little harder to explain that sort of thing to a six year old. Heck, I had a hard time understanding some of that anatomy when I was in high school dissecting a cat. But if I want to help my daughter grasp the concept of one plus one I can bust out some Lego bricks or pennies or something. If I want to teach her early vs late I can get out a clock (yes I still have one of those). If I want to teach her the function of the pancreas? Umm, yeah…

Until now, that is. Now I have Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific. Smart Anatomy is a learning toy shaped like a human torso that lets you explore the parts of the body that you can’t see. I mean, she has head, shoulders, knees and toes and eyes and ears and mouth and nose down pat. She can see all those. But heart, pancreas, liver, kidney and parietal lobe are a little harder to just point to and say “this is that.” Thanks to the Smart Anatomy Smart Pen now, we can do just that.  The model has a changeable boy or girl sticker for the face, so they can relate, and then all the major body parts that a person can’t normally see. Point the pen at the heart and it tells you the name and what it does and all kinds of interesting functions. It has different game modes to keep your kids engaged and hundreds of different sounds, touchpoints, and areas to explore. Now I don’t have to turn to Google to find out about the pancreas, I can turn to my daughter’s Smart Anatomy.



With a cool and colorful design the Smart Anatomy makes learning about the human body fun and easy! It holds a wealth of information covering topics as diverse as organs, bones, muscles, nutrition, healthy habits and much more!

The wireless Smart Pen technology helps you learn about the complex systems in our body by simply touching the detachable body parts with the tip of the Smart Pen with 16 Detachable body parts with OID codes, that are both soft and super easy to handle. It also includes an A3 size poster and A5 size book with addition information of the human body. Plus information to help make the right choice to maintain a healthy body and well balanced lifestyle.

Packed with 20 exciting activities in 5 game modes, there are hours of informative audio content, giving endless educational entertainment with amazing facts about the human body.


16 Detachable parts with OID codes

Boy & Girl faces options (DIY stickers)  

Delivers audio content via the pen 

Game Modes with 20 activities 

Wireless exploration with the Smart Pen 

A3 size poster with Body Diagram 

A5 size booklet with extra information 

More than 150 points to touch with the Pen

Looking for a gift that encourages learning and fun? Check out Smart Anatomy!

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion of this product.

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