Six Best Small Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas


Not every home will have enough space to accommodate a huge kitchen. In such cases, homeowners are left with no other choice than to let go of some element that could make their cooking area look all clustered. These days small kitchens are primarily in talks amongst people. There are plenty of unique designs available that allow people to fit in almost all the necessities.

They are perfect for providing a cozy and homey vibe. Using quartz for the countertop can also be an option to look forward to decorating this cozy area. To know more about how to design quartz countertops in a small kitchen, check the Caesarstone website. 

Now, without much delay let’s learn about some more benefits of small kitchens and small kitchen counter decor that you can use in your home:

Benefits of small kitchen

Most homeowners believe the bigger the kitchen, the better it will be to cook. 

But that’s not entirely true; that’s why people are now inclining toward having a small kitchen with a small kitchen counter. 

Apart from the benefits, it also has to do with the homeowner’s preference. Sometimes it is the lack of space; sometimes, it is one’s choice to build a small kitchen. 

Let’s get into the benefits of this cozy little space:


The whole purpose of designing a large kitchen space by builders and designers is to provide ample space for keeping the essential things. With a small kitchen, this need somehow narrows down. Moreover, as it is a minimal layout space, the owner automatically gets used to completing any work in a concise space. 

Faster working

A small kitchen will ensure one can cook delicious meals more efficiently and faster. Moreover, as one can easily reach out to all the necessary things within seconds, one’s cooking speed gets automatically faster. 

Less mess

As an owner of a small kitchen, one will tend to make the right choices on what material to keep and what not. This will decrease the size of the mess, and only essential items will be there for one’s use. 

Easy to clean

A small kitchen will be much easier to clean than a large one. The homeowner does not have to worry about mopping a big floor and wiping off a large countertop. With a small kitchen, one does not have to worry about everything and can get away with cleaning duties in minutes. 

Now, enough praises of this tiny little space, let’s talk about some amazing small kitchen counter decor options to include in one’s cooking wonderland: 

Small kitchen counter decor ideas for homeowners

Here are some amazing small kitchen counter decoration ideas that every homeowner should look for:

Small kitchen with a brick-style back panel

Looking for a small farmhouse-style kitchen? Well, one way of creating the farmhouse style is by using warm colours with some country-like details. Warm shades of colours look extremely good in a kitchen. It gives a vibrant look to the whole cooking area. 

By including dark coloured quartz countertop and a brick back panel, one can create a beautiful amalgamation of modern and rural looks. As it is a small kitchen, the space will look wider and more welcoming. Add on some good ceiling lights if there is no room for natural lighting to brighten the space. 

Extended shelving

There is already less space to keep the utilities in a kitchen. By putting in shelves and cabinets with doors, one can hinder the movement of a person working there. It also creates a claustrophobic feeling. The homeowner can have chic extended shelving above the countertop to provide extra room for keeping the utilities. Decorate this space with some beautiful mirror pieces and create an eye-catching zone. Make sure to decorate it according to the texture and colour of the countertop. 

Bold white cabinets

Usually, homeowners avoid painting their kitchen cabinets in white, beige, or cream colours. All because of how much extra care they require. But for small kitchens, the lighter tones are a blessing. They make small kitchens look quite spacious and elegant. 

One can create a stylish-looking cooking area for their abode by pairing the white cabinets with a dark-coloured countertop. Make sure to use colours like dark grey or black for the countertops to make the cabinetry area pop. Keep minimal decorative items, and the small kitchen counter decor is done. 

Colourful kitchen

Homeowners who are more into funky decor should fill their kitchens with different colours. Paint the kitchen cabinets with beautiful and bright hues of either yellow or green. Instead of choosing some bright colours for the kitchen counter, go in for some subtle tones like white or cream. 

This will ensure that every item in the kitchen grabs attention without overshadowing another. Put on beautiful bright-coloured flower vases on top of the kitchen countertop to finish the look. 

Retro style small kitchen

Fan of the ’80s or ’90s? Why not get inspiration from that era and teach it in the kitchen? Retro-style kitchen is all about playfully using colours all over the cooking space and including all the vintage style features. Put in some bright-coloured curtains and towels that can easily merge with the interior of the rest of the kitchen. Keep the counter light-coloured and put in some vintage-styled accessories on top of it. 

Creating a monotone effect 

A small kitchen can easily look clustered if too much is around it. It’s better to use mainly two-three colours to create a monotone effect. This way, the kitchen will be less fuzzy and tidier. Try to use a single colour and fill the kitchen with different tones. One can also have the countertop of a similar colour as the rest of the kitchen to create a uniform effect. 

Six best small kitchen counter decor ideas — Conclusion

There are numerous small kitchen counter decor options available for homeowners to try their hands on

The best part about including these kitchen ideas in a home is that they are quite budget friendly and do not require much space. 

Matching the countertops with the rest of the kitchen interiors is the best way to make the small kitchen look appealing. 

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Good advice, thank you. In fact, there are also so many cool ideas and DIY projects for decorating your rooms. Think for example on different blogs or even YouTube channels like where you can get cool ideas