Creating a Quiet Home Begins in The Garage


After a busy day filled with business meetings, chasing kids around the playground or cooking dinner for the family, your home at night should be a place of peace and quiet – a reprieve from your hectic day. But just as you put your kids to sleep or get yourself into bed, the old garage door opener clangs as your family member comes home late, disrupting the carefully sought after calm and quiet of the night. Sound familiar? You and your family are not alone – a National Sleep Foundation found 74 percent of people need a quiet atmosphere to get a good night sleep.

Fortunately, LiftMaster, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers and access solutions, has a number of solutions to help you win the battle against your noisy garage door opener.  

Reducing Noise with Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

One of the top reasons people call a LiftMaster Dealer to replace their working garage door opener is due to noise. The consumer demand for a quieter door has led to major advancements in garage door opener technologies over the last decade. For those of you with noisy garage door openers ten years or older, a belt drive model can offer a solution. Belt drive garage door openers, which feature a steel-reinforced rubber belt, eliminate the vibrations and noises associated with older chain drive models, resulting in a quietly operating garage door opener. Belt drive models, such as LiftMaster’s Elite Series 8550W, feature a DC motor belt system that delivers the peace and quiet your family desires.  

Installing Wall Mount Garage Door Openers to Create Both Comfort and Space

Another technological advancement in garage doors is the wall mount garage door opener, which hangs on the wall next to the garage door. This garage door technology runs ultra-quiet by eliminating sound and vibrations through the ceiling. Wall mount models, such as LiftMaster’s Elite Series 8500, also free up ceiling space in the garage, providing you with additional storage options to reduce clutter. This takes relaxation to a whole new level with a quiet and clutter-free home.

Properly Maintaining Your Garage Door System

Aside from garage door opener technology, another way to reduce noises and unwanted squeaks involve properly lubricating your garage door system. Every few months, apply a small amount of silicon lubricant to the door rollers, bearings and hinges to keep your door running smoothly. If your garage door continues to be disruptive, it could be time to contact a garage door professional to investigate further.

To learn more about how LiftMaster is helping homeowners create a quiet home environment, visit, and if you’re interested in installing any of the products above, visit to find a LiftMaster dealer near you.


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