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A house is indeed a person’s most loved space and so, irrespective of the size, everyone wants their home to be pretty and well decorated. However, spending one’s hard-earned money on fancy walls and lights, expensive upholstery and high-tech gadgets can be quite daunting. Despite this, you can still have a pretty and radiant home. So, how do we do this? Is it possible to decorate our homes using a tight budget? Well, yes. Some valuable tips to inspire you for a beautiful and welcoming home in a low budget are provided below.

Get rid of the clutter 

The first important step before beginning your house beautification process is to get rid of the clutter. Broken furniture and cupboards that cannot be mended, boxes and trunks that will never be used, and curtains, bed sheets, linens and items that you received as gifts but non-essential, you can get rid of these by giving them away or selling them in a garage sale. In case, there are some items you think can be recycled and reused, save them for later use. Clutter not only makes a home look shabby but also fills the environment with negativity.

Decorating walls

Outsourcing texture painting service or covering walls with wallpapers can cost you a huge sum. Instead of spending on these expensive services, think of beautifying the walls of your home on your own. Make it a fun activity by involving some of your family members. Make your own stencils, choose paint colours as per your choice and create some beautiful designs on the wall. Another option is you can make some decor to display on the wall. Family photos and free printable look great when framed and displayed on a wall.  

Do It Yourself

Do-it-yourself projects can be highly fulfilling. In the recent times a lot of enthusiastic folks have made their own furniture from scratch for their homes. Readymade furniture available in the market is highly expensive therefore, building your own sofas, wardrobes, tables or cabinets can help you save a lot of bucks. There are a lot of inspiring DIY videos on the internet that you can browse for some ideas.

Shop during sales

Sales are a great time to shop for your home and earn some savings. Apart from the usual brick and mortar stores, there are a large number of online marketplaces that offer amazing discounts on home products. and Amazon Australia are popular online marketplaces where you can avail discounts while purchasing goods to beautify your home. Furniture, upholstery, kitchen products and electronic gadgets are some items that you can purchase and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Use plants as decor

Placing plants indoor as well as outdoor or in your balcony adds freshness around. It is an easy, quick and healthy method to add charm to your home.  The green color of leaves blends well with almost every color in the palette. There is a huge variety of indoor and outdoor plants available. Indoor palm trees, when placed in the hall, make the space appear welcoming. Herbs in the kitchen, small plants in the bathroom and terrace gardens makes your home environment-friendly and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Use Plywood instead of solid wood

Although solid wood is superior in quality compared to plywood, the former is very expensive compared to the latter. You can adorn your home with furniture made out of plywood. Apart from being cheap, laminated plywood is easy to maintain, moisture resistant and can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Solid wood on the other hand requires sanding and wood polish after some years.  

Recycle and reuse

Recycling and reusing your old stuff is a great way to save money and at the same time make your home look pretty. Old wooden boxes, empty wine bottles and old candle stands are perfect to explore your creativity. You can simply paint these and create beautiful designs or recycle them into a decoupage art work. You can reuse pillows by replacing the old pillow covers. You can also use furniture, pots etc. if they are in useable form. Recycling and reusing old stuff not only helps you save money but is also environment-friendly.

Decorating your home need not be an expensive affair. You can make your home appear stylish and hospitable by spending less and getting a little creative. 

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