How to Find the Best Postpartum Support and Resources


For mothers who have just had their child, postpartum depression can be a difficult, trying, and challenging experience. On top of this, it can sometimes feel difficult to know where to look for help.

Luckily, there are ways to find the help that you need when you’re keenly feeling the effects of postpartum depression. Here’s how to find the best postpartum support and resources. 

Look to Family and Friends

One of the first places to look for support with postpartum depression is friends and family. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, sibling, or best buddy, friends and family are an amazing resource for anyone dealing with difficult experiences after giving birth. What makes friends and family such a great resource is their accessibility. When it comes to others, one may feel uncomfortable reaching out at certain times, such as late at night. With family and friends, this can be easier and less daunting to do. 

For women experiencing postpartum depression, it’s also important to communicate with friends and family so that they’re aware of how one is feeling. If a person doesn’t communicate with those around them, then no one will be able to help them. As such, friends and family are the first people one should notify when they begin to experience postpartum depression. 

Seek Professional Help

Due to the stigma around mental illness, many women are reluctant to seek professional help when it comes to dealing with postpartum depression. Unfortunately, this is a terrible practice and can actually exacerbate negative experiences significantly. Mental health professionals are trained to help with mental health ailments such as postpartum depression and can help women heal quicker and manage their postpartum emotions more effectively. 

There are a variety of mental health professionals that women can seek help from in order to help them deal with their postpartum depression. In fact, there are some who even specialize and have experience with treating symptoms of postpartum depression. By seeking treatment earlier, women have a better chance of being able to get their postpartum depression under control. 

Medical Staff

For women who give birth, there will likely be many trips back and forth to the hospital. Notifying doctors and nurses about postpartum symptoms is a great way to be connected with a variety of great resources. Today, these professionals are more accessible than ever thanks to telehealth options such as online appointments and nursing apps

Pediatricians are familiar with postpartum depression and will more than likely have connections for places that women can find help to deal with their symptoms. These professionals can be an amazing resource and source of support for women dealing with postpartum depression. 


While it’s important to seek help from others when dealing with postpartum depression, it’s also extremely important to engage in self-care. This can include doing things such as having a spouse, friend, or family member babysit for periods of time so that one can have some alone time. Having some time for one’s self to decompress can be rejuvenating and reenergizing for new mothers. 

Other forms of self-care may include sleeping in a room without a baby monitor while a spouse takes baby duty. Catching up on sleep can make newer mothers more able to manage their emotions and keep their symptoms of postpartum depression at bay. This being the case, self-care should be made a priority for new mothers beginning to experience any postpartum depression symptoms. 

Making Mental Health a Priority

Postpartum depression can be difficult to overcome for new mothers. Though it can be challenging, by taking the proper steps to get support and resources, new mothers can find the help they need to get back to a positive state of mental health. 

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