Family Home Helper: 6 Tips For Finding the Balance Between Comfort and Style


In life, we are all striving to find that perfect balance between comfort and style.

In fashion, some find it easier than others. The same goes for your home. Ever wonder why those home makeover shows manage to make it look so easy. If you watch these shows with envy and frustration then chances are you need a bit of help. But fear not, you too can live that dream. Follow these six tips for finding the balance between comfort and style in your own home.

  • Window dressings are an opportunity

Drop those basic curtains right now and step away.

If you are buying any old curtain that only needs to block light are missing a fantastic opportunity to add a touch of style to your home. Curtains come in all different styles, colors and varying degrees of privacy.

Comfort for your home could be all about privacy, but roller blinds don’t exactly speak style. Consider investing in the block out curtains, not only will the designs on offer add style to your home, they will also allow you to achieve a great level of comfort and privacy.

  • Know your needs

Before you start your interior makeover project, first consider your family’s needs.Is that art deco couch really going to work when you know the kids love to lay and lounge after a swim in the pool? Does that rug add a much needed sense of style or will it be destroyed in five minutes by the dog?

Understanding what your families needs are first will you allow you strike a fine balance between the two competing priorities, and might save a devastating rug murder. There may be trade-offs in the makeover process, but no one says a couch to lounge on can’t be an accent piece. Look for pieces of furniture which are functional and stylish – who says you can’t have both?

  • Work with your environment

If you live near a beach or a seaside environment then dark earthy colors might not add much style. Instead think about your environment and how it can compliment your home. In a wooded area, those earthy tones will look great and be an extension of your local surroundings. In a beachy environment use natural lighting and a much lighter color palette light the space.

Repainting your home is a process that can be fun for the whole family.

Get the kids involved in choosing the palette after you have chosen one, and let them pick cushion colors and Manchester to complement the look. Changing the interior colors or even the exterior can immediately change the style of your home.

  • Obvious vs Subtle

Comfort and style can be all about what is obvious but also about the subtle.

Striking a balance between the two is a key to a stylish yet functional home. Instead of a solid wall of identical tiles, work in some homemade designs. Get the family involved in the design process and litter in a few of the homemade designs through your bathroom.

A unique design will be subtle enough to make a very stylish difference to your home.

Instead of the usual boring light covers, work in some art deco covers which stand out against the normal furnishings in your home. Obvious furnishings are great if it works with your lifestyle, if not, then work for the subtle touches.

  • Don’t hide the functional areas

The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are important but how much have your thought about those other functional areas? That study nook you want isn’t something to be hidden in the back, make space a feature and show your guests you value the important things in life.

Fold out or built-in desks are a great way to add some style to that home office. Bring that study zone to life with a climbing garden or some indoor ferns. Celebrate its functional spaces and find out what other spaces your family is yearning for.

  • Storage is a tool to be used

When you have kids, storage space is worth its weight in gold.

With that said, storage space doesn’t have to mean some dusty old pantry, cupboard or back room. Instead, look for unique shelving units. Homemade units of solid oak, or sleek modern metal framed units are a great way to add storage space but style at the same time.

Look for items which work well with your color palette – make it work for you home.

These unique storage options don’t have to break the bank either. Low-cost options can do just as good a job if that is what fits in with your budget.

Don’t sacrifice style or comfort.

Instead, work towards a functional solution that will offer you both. Look outside the box, challenge the status quo and you’ll be amazed and how much style you can add without losing the comfort of your home.

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