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My mother in law and I sat and ate the entire dozen of Shari’s Berries the other day.  I was in heaven.  They were so delicious, especially the white chocolate ones.  I can’t believe we ate the entire box.  My mother in law is going through a lot right now, so it gave her something to enjoy, and that she did.  They were so great, I’ll be doing business with Shari’s Berries in the near future.  I don’t know what I did before discovering Shari’s Berries.  I now have a favorite sweet shop.


There were white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered strawberries all in the same box.  I ate each of them, and I must say there isn’t anything closer to heaven.  You can’t just imagine how good they are, you need to order to try them.  The picture above is a dozen of delicious strawberries, on sale for just $34.98 right now.  They will also deliver on Valentine’s Day.  This is the perfect gift. 


You can get more than just strawberries at Shari’s Berries.  They also have cherries, mini cheesecakes, cookies, etc.  Go take a look at their site.  Your mouth will water, guaranteed.

shari's berries2

You can order the scrumptious picture above for only $57.99, and get to try 3 of Shari’s Berries specialties.  Get 6 strawberries, 10 cherries, and 4 dipped cookies.  Lots of yummy in that order.

shari's berries4

“The sweet side of gifting, Shari’s Berries delivers dipped strawberries, cake pops and more delicious treats to any destination. There’s something for every occasion and taste. A gift from Shari’s Berries makes any moment a celebration.”

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