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When we received the Zoku, my 17 year old was eager to use it.  We immediately opened it up, and started using it.  She had 3 homemade popsicles, flavors of her choice, ready in minutes.  It’s so much quicker than putting them in the freezer for hours.  This is the coolest product I’ve come across in a long time.  My daughter is planning on making these for her boyfriend, for Valentine’s Day.  It’s super easy, and she makes him dinner every year.  This will just be an added dessert.  He will love it, I’m sure.  I also have a 3 year old, so this is a perfect treat for him, as well.  Especially since he just started liking the coldness of popsicles.


You can add fruit to the mix, and have a fruity popsicle.  You don’t have to add anything but kool aid and you will still have an awesome treat.  For $49.99, you get the popsicle maker above, but there are also makers that make 2 and 1 popsicle, at a lesser price.  But the 3 is perfect for a family of 3.  My daughter gets to make hers the way she wants, my son gets to tell us how to make his, and well, the boyfriend, kinda just gets what’s left over.  They are so fun to make, and watch set in a timely fashion. 

We make Josh, the boyfriend, a Nutella pop in this pop maker.  He loves his Nutella.  The first time we made him Nutella pops, we didn’t have this pop maker, so they took hours to set.  Now he has them so quickly. 


Also, clean up is easy.  You just rinse off the pop sticks, and wipe out the maker.  It’s that easy.

If I had to, I would buy these pop makers again, and again.  They give us lasting fun, and a good treat afterwards.  My daughter is still experimenting with flavors.

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