Everyone loves candles! There’s no question that LoveSpoon, offers an array of styles, and fragrance’s that will melt your heart, comfort your soul and even provide that array of ambiance. I have three dogs, and two children, so our home is full of “delightful aromas”. Everyone, that walks through our home complements us on the delightful aroma within our home. Trust me that is a defeat with three dogs and two children and all the athletic equipment! Recently, I had to laugh as I was burning LoveSpoon’s Macintosh Apple (Monogram Series) as my husband thought he was getting a homemade pie after dinner…Umm No, honey that’s the candle burning; the look on his face was just priceless! Yep…no apple pie for you…



I just love that LoveSpoon candles are 100% soy and have wood or eco-wicks that are made of cotton. Soy Candles are known to be clean burning without the release of chemicals like traditional paraffin waxes. LoveSpoon offers a variety of choices to choose from, for instance; the Cornerstone Collection encompasses decorative tins with wood wicks that burn with a crackling sound.  Or, you can select the elegant colored glass jar with a cotton eco-wick from the Monogram Series.  

 I was doing my daily housework, which every homemaker knows is a daunting process! I decided to give myself a bit of a pick-me-up with the delightful fragrance of LoveSpoon’s Clean Cotton Candle, from the Cornerstone Collection. Let me tell you the smell, is so refreshing, clean and uplifting! The crackle sound from the wood wick, just made it feel as if I had a fire burning, while smelling fresh clean linens!


clean cotton

Fun Facts on Soy Candles:

  • Soy wax is biodegradable
  • Soy was has no soot emission
  • Easy clean up with soap & water
  • Wicks used with soy waxed candles have no lead contaminates
  • Soy wax burns completely burns at a cooler temperature, in turn burns longer than regular paraffin wax.

If you have not tried LoveSpoon Candles I encourage you to try them! LoveSpoon Candles are a High Quality, Handmade Soy Candles Company, that believes in bringing happiness to their customers, while at the same time giving back to others in need. The LoveSpoon Company donates to a chosen charity at the end of each year. A gift that keeps on giving!

LoveSpoon was derived from a Welsh LoveSpoon. In Wales, a LoveSpoon is a wooden spoon decoratively carved that was traditionally presented as the best wedding gift, which ultimately symbolized romantic intent. The spoon is normally decorated with symbols of love, and was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, LoveSpoons are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items that serve as wonderful housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or gifts for women.

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Disclaimer: The reviewer (Ronda Warner) has been compensated in the form of product disclosed in this review, for the sole purpose of promoting and educating the company’s products. The reviewer has personally implied her thoughts for review of the product, as well as; providing informative information from the company’s website for the accuracy/authenticity of the product.

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