Serving Up Seasons – Catering Your BBQing Throughout the Year


 Do you have a license to grill? If you’re the 007 of the neighborhood fry up, then you’re in luck. Besides the health and wellbeing benefits of getting friends and family together for a feast, nothing beats biting into a juicy steak or snag, with a healthy salad to go on the side. You can become a serious grill master using this guide. And if you’re the type that likes to grill all year round you may have run into a challenge. A dilemma of “what do I serve this time”. Well, fear not. We’re about to check out how you can serve up the seasons and keep a solid rotation of meats, salads, and sides all year round.


Seeing as summer is around the nearest corner let’s check out some delicacies that can be enjoyed in the sun with a cold beer or wine. Put these on your BBQ grill and watch your mates and family salivate as they cook: marinated chicken wings, garlic prawns and a garden salad to go with it.

For the chook, marinate it in either a honey soy or a peanut satay sauce. Prepare this the night before and let it sit overnight to really soak up the juices. Garlic prawns speak for themselves – but don’t be stingy on the garlic! Everyone loves it after all. The garden salad is simple enough to prepare but try some marinated feta or goat’s cheese on top for an extra bit of oomph.


Who says you can’t grill in autumn? Definitely not us. Chuck some lamb cutlets on your barbie, along with some fish. Looking for an award-winning seasoning for the fish? Try lemongrass and turmeric. Another fresh and innovative way to grill is to cook pizzas on the BBQ. Make or buy the bases and let your guests pick their own toppings, then chuck them on the grill – this makes for a nice and crispy base and a well-warmed topping. For drinks choose ciders or a nice red wine.


Winter doesn’t need to mean the end of your grilling days for the year – it just means you need to be strategic about when you host a shindig. Pick those gorgeous winter days when the sun’s bright and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Keep an eye on the weather forecast so it doesn’t rain on your parade. For the menu, try wrapping some carrots in bacon and popping them on the BBQ. Grill some sweet potato kebabs for the herbivores, and fry up some meatballs too. For drinks, you can’t beat a spiced or mulled wine to warm the cockles.


Springtime is almost the quintessential BBQ season. Nice and warm without being stifling, long days thanks to daylight savings and the smell of blossoms in the air. Complement the season with your menu. Try some grilled mint chicken along with some juicy steaks, and lentil burgers or grilled halloumi for the veggos. Enjoy a crisp white or some pale ale for your drinks.

All Year Round

Of course, these are just suggested guidelines. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy any of these menus all year round. And if it’s raining, just use your fry pan inside! Or invest in an undercover area so you can grill come hellish heat or high water rain.

The Final Fry

There you have it. We’ve suggested some mouth-watering menu options to keep you grilling all year round, along with a selection of alcoholic drinks to help you and your guests unwind. Remember to have lots of fun, and keep that grill clean afterward. You’re now ready to be king of the grill. Bon appetit!








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