Entertaining with Sunday Brunch and Cocktails


Lots of people love entertaining and inviting their loved ones over for food and drinks. If this is you, one of the things you can do is enjoy treating friends and family to Sunday brunch and cocktails at your home. This is a great way to get together, enjoy spending some of the weekend together without making it a really late one, and getting together for some great food and drinks.

You can host Sunday brunch and cocktails at any time of the year, as this is something that can be arranged for both indoors and outdoors. So, whether you decide to enjoy entertaining in the summer outside or whether you prefer Sunday brunch and cocktails indoors in the fall or winter, you will be able to treat your loved ones to a great afternoon.

Planning your food and drinks

When it comes to Sunday brunches with cocktails, you need to plan ahead so you know exactly what you are making and what drinks you will be serving up. In terms of cocktails, you will find plenty of excellent recipes online for cocktails that are ideal for both the warmer months and the colder ones. For instance, if you are arranging the brunch for the colder season, you can create delicious, warming cocktails such as a Bloody Mary while for a summer treat you can rustle up a cooling Sangria to enjoy in the garden.

When it comes to the brunch itself, you need to consider the number of people coming and what their tastes are like. It is best to try and strike a happy medium between filling and simple when arranging food for brunch. There are no hard and fast rules about what you can serve and you can find plenty of recipes online. Some great options for Sunday brunch food include peanut butter drizzle pancakes, Mexican filled tortillas, breakfast buns made with real or vegetarian bacon and sausage, and French toast with maple butter. The possibilities are endless when it comes to brunch, so you just need to consider what your guests like to eat, how much time you have to prepare the food, and how many people you will be serving up for.

If you are hosting the event in the summer, make sure you keep the food very light and use lots of salads and fruits as part of the brunch. Likewise, you should keep the beverages light and serve up refreshing summer cocktails that are ideal for drinking in the afternoon. If you arrange the brunch for fall or winter, you can opt for heavier dishes that are more warming and filling – think comfort food. In addition, you can create warming cocktails that are rich and bold, as these are ideal for this time of year.

So, make sure you plan ahead so you can serve up both food and drinks that your guests will love and that are suited to the time of year. You can then enjoy great success when it comes to your cocktail brunch.

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