9 Signs That You Are on The Right Track of Your Career


Everyone, including me and you, possess the potential of what it takes to be successful in whatever they do. What you need is to identify your area of strength and maximize it for the benefit of yourself and those around you. In case you didn’t know or seem to forget, you deserve waking up every morning, feeling jovial and motivated for the day ahead. Therefore, if you don’t find yourself feeling this way about your current career, then it’s a clear indication that something is wrong somewhere. Sadly, the majority of individuals belong in this category.

But if you find yourself lucky enough to feel fulfilled at your work, then you should recognize most of these traits:

1: It’s Exciting Waking Up In The Morning

Most individuals waste the first minutes of their morning hours tossing and turning for a reason, they don’t want to face the reality of daytime. But if you find yourself excited to get out of bed simply because you’re looking forward to an awesome day at work, then you’re absolutely on the right track. When this happens, you don’t even need a hot shower or motivational quote to spike your mood; you’re already fired-up!

2: You’re Constantly Overflowing With Ideas

No. Not just ideas, but awesome ideas. The fact that you are passionately involved in whatever task that’s handed to you, your creativity is always on another level. You majorly think outside the box and your ideas impresses your teammates. You also look forward to a new project and can’t wait to kick-start them. If this sounds like you, keep on the same track.

3: You Always Feel Accomplished

Everyone in life, be it a CEO or an office janitor, has a dream of feeling accomplished at the end of the day. If you feel on top of the game and truly accomplished every evening as you close that office door, then you’re already there!

4: You Don’t Let Your Fears Pull You Down

Yes, it’s another thing to be excited about your work and another to feel scared. According to www.psychic2tarot.com, it’s normal to feel a little bit scared of what the future holds for you but that shouldn’t hold you down. So if you find yourself forging forward full of positive expectations, then you’re already stimulated and don’t want to get comfortable in your comfort zone. And that’s a good thing.

5: Your Work Involves What You Love Most

There is nothing as good as spending your day doing things that you love most. The tasks you put into place in your daily work should be in line with your personality and skills. Being on the correct track means you don’t struggle to handle your projects/assignments.

6: You Learn New Things Everyday

Learning is a lifetime process. What you learned in college a few years ago might have had a few twists over time. So if your work gives you opportunities to learn new concepts often, then it gives you a reason to want to keep developing yourself. So if you feel like you have acquired so much knowledge in your daily tasks, then your footsteps are well guided.

7: You Can’t Stop Yourself From Trying Further

If you ask most individuals about their work, most will admit of having to force themselves to even meet deadlines. But if you find yourself completing your work way ahead of the scheduled deadlines and even striving to go an extra mile to add more than what’s required of you, then it shows you’re driven by passion and obviously love your career.

8: You Don’t Hesitate To Talk Proudly About Your Work

It’s often said that it’s much easier to share good experiences than bad ones. That’s why most individuals suffering from depression find it hard to share their experiences with others. But if you find yourself too eager to share your career’s positive milestones and daily happenings with family and friends, then it means you love it. You can’t be praising something you dislike, right? Well, complaining is another different story.

9: Sunday Blues Are A Vocabulary

The famous Sunday/Monday Blues can be a real major issue to some people. In fact, some spend most of their weekend picturing how their Monday is going to be full of boredom activities. And because of this, they don’t even enjoy time with family. Sad. If you don’t find yourself in this category and solemnly thinks about Monday when out with friends/family, then it shows you’re comfortable with your work.


Finding the right career is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. However, a lot of individuals worry a lot about their careers. Choosing what you will be dong for the most part of your life is a great decision. Use the above tips to discover if you’re truly happy in your current career and make changes if need be. You deserve to be happy!


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5 years ago

Very nice list, but in many cases a bit idealized.