Savonix launches digital neuro-cognitive assessment for iOS and Android.


I have to be honest with you, I’ve never heard of Savonix until today and might I say I am impressed with this company. You too may be asking what is Savonix? Savonix is neuroscience democratized, delivering the world’s first mobile, digital and clinically valid neurocognitive assessment and brain health platform.

The mobile app assessment accurately evaluates both adults and children ages six and up. The app gives parents and health care providers a better understanding of how a child’s (or adult’s) brain works. The test screens cognitive functions like attention and memory, and can help lead parents and doctors in the right direction when caring for behavioral or learning issues. This is awesome. As a mom whose youngest child struggles with behavioral problems, I get more insight and a better understanding as to what triggers his behavioral issues and why is this occurring to him!

Savonix is a set of digitized cognitive and emotional assessments taken right on your mobile device. The evidence-based screening takes an average of 30 minutes, and upon completion, delivers personalized results of your brain vitals across multiple cognitive and emotional domains.

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Savonix is led by former Stanford medical healthcare professionals. The team consists of MDs and Ph.D.’s specializing in neuroscience and clinical psychology. They are fueled by a passion to make access to cognitive screens easy and affordable, and thus, began the development of Savonix. Savonix is the only mobile evidence-based, digital cognitive assessment on the market.

The Savonix app is easy to use, setup and all your personal information will be kept private and secure.

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The 30-minute digital assessment is currently only available for consumers to access and provide feedback during a six-week open beta. Users download the application for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play, register for a login and access key on the Savonix website, and complete the assessment and receive their results via the mobile application. Following the close of the open beta, Savonix will remain in the app stores available exclusively to end users via Savonix licenses with healthcare organizations.

Until now, this type of assessment was only available through a licensed physician, but not anymore! This test is now accessible to us all due to Savonix – and via any iOS or Android device during the open beta testing.



Users can take the set of clinically valid neurocognitive tests to receive results in many areas such as: • Cognitive flexibility • Impulse control • Emotionality • Information processing speed • Verbal memory • Sustained attention • Working memory

The best part about the Savonix app is even our children, older parents and all adults can give this assessment a try. It’s suitable for everyone over age six and will provide critical insight to many physicians to help improve a variety of health problems and identify the most effective treatment regime. All results during open beta can be obtained through the mobile application, wow look at technology! This way your physician can address the issue and evaluate and diagnose your concerns.

Plus this is way more affordable then visiting a clinic. Mobile technology that delivers me insight as to how your brain is functioning is awesome. Of course, we all know that a medical professional can provide you with the proper diagnosis, but again, this app allows users like you and me previously hard to get insight about our brains.

To date, key upgrades from the closed beta include:
• Superior images to increase task comprehension
• Improved error messaging for incorrect data inputs
• In-app notifications when the user is out of network or Wi-Fi range
• Countdown bar for percent complete
• Improved responsiveness to tap and point-and-drag functionality
• User interface improvements including colors, button messages and timing of screen transitions

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the application.


To learn more about Savonix and the mobile assessment, visit| Facebook |Twitter | LinkedIn|

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