Little Nugget Capture your baby’s sweet moments and major milestones in a photo.



Having a baby is the most precious thing in the word! It’s like the moment the doctor confirm you’re really expecting it’s like that mother’s instinct kicks in even before the baby is here.

Our next step is shopping, moms know they can shop when it comes to purchasing items for their babies. We purchase clothing, bedding, bottles, diapers and more but how many of us get a chance to capture our pregnancy and baby moments?

Well, now you can capture those moments with ease with a new app called Little Nugget . If you’ve never heard of the Little Nugget app don’t worry it’s new to me too so let me tell you more of what this app do.


Little Nugget is a baby photo app designed to help parents create and curate their favorite family moments by combining their baby’s photos with artwork and personalized text in just minutes. Simply upload a photo, add personalized text, and then select fun artwork to perfectly mark the milestone. Little Nugget saves your baby’s milestone photos in a private feed. Print books, squares, announcements and phone cases directly from the app.

From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, Little Nugget helps parents capture fleeting moments, big and small, so you can share and savor them for years to come.

Sounds interesting wouldn’t you agree? Let’s say your little one is like my little Jada, she has her bottom teeth coming in and everyone has been so excited about them coming in. Now we can capture this moment and customize our own images(like the one below) of her and her little teeth, add our own personal message and artwork too. Plus we can forward it to all my family and friends and share on our social networks via our smartphone.



Each moment and milestone can be captured, with babies growing so fast this is an awesome way to express yourself on a few images and save those special moments. I wish we had something like this available back when my oldest kids were born. I’ll never forget how one of my kids teeth at the top came in only at the side, meaning they had their first two teeth come in like a vampire, boy this app would have came in handy indeed. Capturing that moment and personalizing that image with a cute little caption saying “Mom’s Little Vampire First Teeth” would have been memorable!

It’s very easy to use the Little Nugget  app:

– Upload your pregnancy and baby photos
– Add personalized and unique text
– Select fun artwork to perfectly mark the milestone
– Save to your private baby journal
– Easily share with family and friends

The Little Nugget app includes:






The app is available for $1.99 at the app store and works with iOS iPhones and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Users can also unlock more themed artwork packs for $0.99 or unlock all content for $3.99. So get ready to document your pregnancy and baby journey from the early years to his or her older years.


Well there you have it, a new awesome app for that new mom and baby. S0 get to capturing those special moments and creating that funny content! Check out more about Little Nugget here.

Little Nugget was created by a mom name Carrie:

My name is Carrie. I’m a wife, first-time mama, and most recently new mom entrepreneur living in Chicago. In January 2015, my life completely changed with the birth of my first daughter, adorable Miss Leslie. Like many other new mamas, I was excited to start documenting my daughter’s life through photos, starting with the ever-loved monthly milestone photo. Unimpressed with the options available —ahem, onesie stickers and wood blocks— I started looking for a unique way to share Leslie’s monthly development with family and friends. I scoured the app store and the internet and came up with very few options that made it easy for parents to capture and share their baby’s memories and milestones… and so Little Nugget was born!


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