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We’ve had fun on the sidewalks, already with this great stuff from Roseart.  It’s so cool.  With my daughter, age 17, going away to college this fall, it’s the perfect time to have last minute fun with her, while she’s still a kid.  She and my 3 year old son, have had so much fun with These Roseart products.


It’s a kaleidoscope of creativity! With the Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint Super Set that includes 8 amazing colors, you can colorfully take your imagination outdoors. Paint flower beds with an assortment of colors. Paint fun rainbows, leave bright messages for your friends, and a whole lot more! Take your imagination outdoors and let it run wild for hours on end. Just add water to the powder, stir it up, then paint your heart out! Every sidewalk is your canvas—with Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint!
Key features:
•      8 fun colors—use them individually or even mix them together for a whole new color!
•      2 foam brushes—your magic wand to paint your masterpieces!
•      A stir stick to easily mix water with the powder and create the paint!
•      Plus 2 amazing rollers—to quickly paint large spaces, and also to add some great designs to your paintings!
·      It easily washes away with water
·      Certified Non-Toxic

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The Claw Chalk Paint Roller

  • GIANT Claw handle includes three foam rollers
  • Paint Tray for dipping and mixing
  • Three Chalk Paint Powder Packs: Red, Yellow and Blue


  • Foam rollers simply snap into the claw and can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Kids can roll out cool tri-color rainbows or patterns
  • Provides kids 3+ with an artistic outdoor play/creative experience
  • Offers the most washable, hassle-free removal off sidewalks and outdoor surfaces (in side by side comparisons)

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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