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Board games are a great way to have fun while teaching our children valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination, counting, reading, matching…the list can go on and on. RoosterFin Games not only has come up with family style games that not only are fun, they are teaching our children important life skills they will need.


PongCano is a game that the kids will toss a ping pong ball into a volcano. Sounds simple, however, there is a skill to this game. The kids get very competitive and determined with this. Kids liked this game. They found out that they couldn’t stand too far away to bounce the ball, it takes some skill and time to learn how to play. They laughed and played. My kitchen was getting loud with the teenagers…not as loud with the pre-teens. I can see how this game would challenge players of all ages.




This wasn’t very stimulating. It would be challenging for children younger in age, but not the older kids. It was more of a guessing game than requiring any kind of skill. Basically, to play the game, you guess if your card is higher or lower than the card that came before the previous player’s card. It wasn’t very exciting for my older kids. They lost interest really fast.

You have to end up with more “corn” than your opponents. It was learned within 5 minutes of this game that even if you think you’re winning, you can lose your “corn” and lose the game. Don’t get too excited if you think you’re winning, because you can always lose it all.




This game was the most fun game that was sent, even though the little mohawks seem to get in the way of the ball making their destination, it was still fun. Giggles and laughs, the faces on the balls were entertaining and made for a good time. The teenagers started the game but quickly the smaller kids joined in and pushed the big kids out of the way. This is where you are surprised and learn that no matter the age, skill level or maturity, kids will always surprise you. My smaller children beat out the teenagers with this game and beat them in this game of Mohawks!

The object with this is to bounce your “Mohawked” balls into the “cave.” First one to 7 points wins. The pre-teens were able to concentrate, use their skills and put their “Mohawks” in the “cave” while the teenagers were too know-it-all and thought they could do it better and certainly that is what helped them lose.



Mom’s Thoughts

Either Way, my kids enjoyed playing these games. They are well constructed, even if Rooster Race is a little young for the age limit it says, they still enjoyed the togetherness they had with each other. I enjoyed listening to my kids play and laugh. So if the object of RoosterFin is for families to get together and have fun, laugh and possibly learn something? I say, “Mission Accomplished!”


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