Revlon Spa Pore and Facial Brush Set Review



As a busy mom, I find it near impossible to visit a spa. I say this for two reasons. One, the kids ALWAYS have something going on. Class trips, sports events, play dates. The list truly goes on. The second reason is that Spas can be rather pricey and once again those little angels usually need the money spent on them or they need the latest toy trend out their. Be honest, we all give in to the kids and they come first. Recently, I was introduced to the Revlon Facial Brush Set. This is an amazing tool that will help you to clean out dirt, oil and makeup residue from your facial skin. It is like a little spa treatment in a box and you can use it in your free time. The compact design of the face cleansing brush facilitates ease of use and portability.


Lets learn a little about the Revlon Facial Brush Set. The Brush set is Dermatologist tested. A huge PLUS! It has a very compact design that make traveling with it easy. With 2 speed controls and the on/off switch easy conveniently placed makes using your device easy. Your new Revlon Facial Brush Set comes with 5 changeable attachments and 2 “AA” batteries.

1. Spin Technology

Spin Technology System cleans better than vibration and can be used with any facial cleanser.

2. Design

Lightweight compact design allows for easy use.

3. Controls

2 Speed Control for healthier glowing skin.

4. Sponge Applicator

Apply your favorite facial cleanser to sponge applicator to wash face.

5. Exfoliating Brush

Use exfoliating brush to remove excess layers of dead skin.

6. Blemish Extractor

For deeper cleansing use blemish extractor to remove impurities from the pores.

7. Rolling Massage

Use rolling massage attachment around your face for a healthy glow.

This Revlon Spa Pore and Facial Brush kit comes with a sponge applicator, an exfoliating brush and a blemish extractor. You can dab on your favorite cleanser onto the sponge applicator and let it work gently to clean your skin. The exfoliating brush further removes excess dead skin layers to give you a thorough cleaning. If you feel like your pores are clogged, you can use the blemish extractor to remove impurities and refresh the skin. You can finish up this cleansing routine by using the rolling massager that will improve blood circulation and also add an instant glow to your skin. The brush has a two speed control that you can regulate according to your needs.

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